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OZtrail 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent
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OZtrail 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent

Part # CTC-1516-D Oztrail
OZtrail 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent
OZtrail 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent

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OZtrails 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent is one of the largest cabin tents available today. Great for the large family and/or friends for longer stay camping trips. Comes with Canvas Sunroom and PVC Floor Included.

Sleeps up to 16 - Tent Size 450x480x230cm - Weight 95kg

If you consider the 12 x 15 too small, then this Cabin is for you. It sleeps up to 16 and has the 3 in 1 Canvas Sunroom and Vinyl floor included!

SatProof Canvas is a blended cotton canvas used in a variety of material weights depending on the design requirements. The anti-mildew water proofing agent is saturated throughout the canvas before manufacture so even after wear and tear it will still provide a waterproof barrier. SatProof Canvas creates a waterproof canvas that minimises condensation build up, while the structure of cotton allows water vapour molecules to pass through and at the same time provide a barrier to water droplets. The roof fabric in the Cabin Tent is rolled under pressure to accept a silver coating that blocks out more than 98% of UV radiation and heat. The technology used in this protective coating has been developed to provide a level of finish never before seen in a canvas product.

Conditioning your Canvas
It is vitally important that you season your canvas when it's new and also after long periods of storage so it gives its best performance. Simply pitch your tent or swag and wet it down with a garden hose. This enables the stitching holes to shrink around the thread of the stitch lines and the cotton in the canvas to swell. Let the canvas dry completely before repeating this two or three times.

Tips and traditional first aid for canvas products
Even though you may have seasoned your canvas, sometimes you can miss a spot or a seam. An age old remedy if this happens is to carry a clear wax candle with you when you go camping. If you do notice a seam has not been seasoned properly, simply rub the candle on the exterior of the stitch line. This will create a waterproof barrier quickly and easily. If cared for correctly, your OZtrail canvas will still be around for the next generation of campers to enjoy.

  • Your choice of up to 4 rooms with a removable hanging room divider included
  • Exceptional ventilation via double front D doors plus full size side doors and large side all weather gusseted windows, it's even got windows in the rear too
  • Plenty of head and shoulder room provided by near vertical wall design
  • Extended large front awning featuring Draft- Blockā„¢ fastening system for the addition of the Included 3 in 1 Sunroom and vinyl floor
  • Large side shade awnings that zip close over the doors and windows for added weather security
Warranty: 2 years manufacturers warranty.

OZtrail 15x16 Canvas Cabin Tent reviews coming soon.

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