Five Tips for Getting Kids Excited About Camping

Are you planning on taking the kids camping?

Hopefully, they’re as excited about the trip as you are. But you may find that you need to do a little work to really get them in the mood.

This is a family camping essential too. Nobody will enjoy the trip if your kids don’t want to be there.

So, what can you do to get the kids excited about camping? Here are a few tips to help you out.


Tip #1 – Involve Them in the Planning

No kid wants to feel left out. If you do all of the planning for them, they may feel like they’re just along for the ride.

The planning stages offer you the perfect chance to raise the excitement level. Talk to your kids about the campsite you’ve chosen, show them the tent, chairs and how to put them together. Tell them about any fun activities that you have planned and ask them what they’d like to do on the trip.

Involve them in the creation of meal plans and take them out shopping to choose their gear. When your kids feel involved from the start, the trip becomes their choice as much as yours.


Tip #2 – Let Them Bring Friends

Kids loving sharing experiences with their friends. Allowing them to invite someone else along with can up the excitement level.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to go down this route though. Make sure you provide plenty of information to the other parents and that you make it easy for them to get in touch. It’s also best to stick to local campsites. This makes it easier for the parents of your kid’s friend to get to you if something happens.


Tip #3 – Give Them Responsibilities

Your kids will get bored if your camping holiday doesn’t give them anything to do. Making them responsible for small tasks around the campsite keeps them engaged once you’re outdoors.

Examples of great tasks include collecting kindling for campfires and setting out the sleeping bags. You can also put them in charge of hammering in tent pegs and similar tasks.

The key is that you strike a balance. You want to give them enough responsibility so they feel like they’re contributing without turning the holiday into a set of chores.


Tip #4 – Teach Them How to Build a Fire

The campfire is one of the staples of camping that your kids will want to get involved in. Sitting back and watching mom and dad do all the work gets boring. Instead, involve your kids in the fire building.

We’ve already mentioned having them collect the kindling and firewood. But it’s also worth showing them how to make the fire and what safety precautions they need to take. This can end up being an educational experience that takes advantage of their fascination with fire.

Build a fire pit together and provide instructions along the way. Your kids will feel like they’ve accomplished something once they get the fire roaring.


Tip #5 – Use Journaling and Photography

This is something that you can prepare during the planning stages. Tell your kids that you want them to write about everything that they experience during the trip. You can also provide them with cameras so they can take photos of all of the interesting things they see. If you know the campsite well, you could even set them little photography tasks.

The follow-up is just as important here. At the end of the trip, work with your kids to create a big scrapbook for the holiday. Include their photos and journal entries. You encourage your kids to engage with the trip and get an awesome memento to treasure afterward.


Tip #6 – Keep It Short At First

The prospect of spending a week outdoors may sound exciting. But your kids may end up bored if there’s not enough to do.

Weekend trips work well, especially when introducing your kids to camping. Give them a taste that leaves them wanting more instead of burning them out during the first trip.

Put all of these tips into practice to get your kids excited for camping and to keep their energy up when you’re on the trip.

Happy camping,



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