6 Essential Tips for Camping With Your Children For The First Time

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Taking your children on adventures in nature for the first time can be quite a challenge. For that reason, we’re offering some tips that will make camping with children a lot easier.

There’s no doubt that camping is fun for both children and adults. The only issue is, most children don’t really have that much experience with spending a lot of time in nature. This is why preparing for the first camping experience with your children may not be an easy job.

To help you with this, we have decided to put together a list of tips that will eliminate the stress and potential issues, so that you can enjoy camping with your children without worries.

If you want to make camping fun and exciting for your children, while at the same time ensuring that nothing goes wrong, here are some steps that you might want to take:


1. Plan Your Camping Trip

If you’ve never gone camping with your children, having a plan is essential. This doesn’t mean that you need to plan every moment of your trip, since this can take the fun out of it. It means that you need to have the most important equipment organised, and make sure you plan where you’ll spend your time.

The best way to do it is plan everything in advance, and let your children have a say in where they would want to go. This way, you ensure that everyone has an idea of what the trip will look like.


2. Set Up a Hand Washing Station

In nature, your children are likely to get dirty many times. This is why it’s very important that they have a place to wash. There are many appliances that you can use for this, but even a bucket of water might be enough for the job.

By doing this, you ensure that your children take care of their hygiene, which can prevent them from getting sick and turning your camping experience into an unpleasant one.


3. Make Sure the Children Can Entertain Themselves

When you’re camping with your children, you don’t want them to get bored. Although there are plenty of things to do in nature, it would be a good idea to bring along some toys that can make camping fun for them.

Some of the best toys for this purpose include:

You could also organise some fun games with them, such as scavenger hunts. There are many ways to entertain children, so make sure to go with the ones that they’ll enjoy the most.


4. Prioritise Kids Safety At The Camp Site

Children can be pretty reckless, and the last thing you want is for something to happen to them. This is why ensuring their safety is of utmost importance. The first thing to do should be to go over the camping safety rules with your children.

Also, stack up on things that will ensure your children’s safety. It would be smart to buy some glow sticks, so that you have no problem finding your children after sundown. You can also go with headlamps, definitely a first aid kit.


5. Choose the Right Tent

A good camping tent is an essential part of camping. If you don’t have one yet, it’s best to do your research before buying it for your family. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’re going to want one that meets your family’s needs.

The most important thing is choosing the right size. Some manufacturers rate their tents to hold more people than they actually can, so it’s best to look at user reviews and experiences.

You also need to make sure that the tent has good ventilation, such as one that has doors on more than one side. Check the available options and choose the one that will ensure comfort and safety from different weather situations.


6. Unplug From Technology

The whole point of taking your kids camping is so that they spend less time in the house staring at a screen. It would be a great idea if you could leave your tablets, laptops, and other devices behind, so they can fully enjoy nature. Pack up your phones just in case, but don’t let your kids spend much time on them.

Many kids will probably protest this at first, but it’s important for them to learn that they can have fun without video games or YouTube videos. Let them know that this will benefit them, and they might even realise that on their own once they’re in nature.


The Final Word

We hope you find these tips helpful, and that you have a better idea of what it takes for your kids to have fun and stay safe during camping. If you make camping a part of your family’s tradition, there’s no doubt that they’ll learn to enjoy it.

Here at Tentworld, We want to make sure that families have everything they need for an exciting and comfortable camping experience. That’s why we offer a variety of products that can make this happen. If you wish to know more, visit Australias largest independently owned camping store.

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glow sticks

By: on 23 January 2022
glow sticks are a versatile addition to take apart from being a fun way to dress up it keeps your kids quite visible at night.

Tentworld Response
That's a really great idea :) Thanks for the tip.

safety at border ranges

By: on 18 January 2021
Border Ranges is really beautiful. it's also wild and once you arrive, it is isolated. it' also close to a prison farm, with a history of a few escapees. be VERY close to your rig or tent at night, BYO loo. take any emergency alert devices you own, dont be alone.do not wander anywhere alone, esp at night.

Tentworld Response
Thanks for the tips :)

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