6 Of The Best Festival Tents For 2020

Tentworld Festival Season Tent Range

Many music and arts festivals around Australia, have become multi-day events these days. This means a lot of the time, they make room for people to camp within the venue for the period of the festival. A good solid, affordable and feature-rich tent is therefore desirable to have these days.

Some of the features we looked for when recommending these tents were:-

  • Affordability based on the number of people using them
  • How quickly they could be assembled and taken down
  • Small cars need small light tents, we catered for that in our choices
  • Insect free. Nothing spoils your fun more than bugs at the end of a great day of live music

We have looked across our large range of tents and picked 6 that we think would be great at festivals for a bunch of reasons. Each tent has its own features and benefits, but any one of them would be great shelter or accommodation at your nest festival outing.

Happy Camping.


 Malamoo Teepee 6 Tent From Tentworld

The Malamoo Teepee 6 Tent

  • Good for small groups
  • Large uninterrupted floor space
  • Easy to put up & Compact size
  • Easy to find your tent in a large crowd
  • Lots of ventilation 
  • Learn more about this tent

Coleman Northstar Instant Up 4 Lighted DarkRoom Tent from Tentworld

Coleman Northstar Instant Up 4 Lighted DarkRoom Tent

  • Best for people who like to sleep in the next morning - this tent is DARK
  • Integrated LED lighting - DD Batteries
  • Easy to put up & pull down
  • Large covered vestibule
  • Very popular tent 
  • Learn more about this tent


Outdoor Connection Breakaway 3V Tent

Outdoor Connection Breakaway 3V Dome Tent

  • Affordable quality tent
  • Feature-rich for the price
  • Lightweight, only 4 Kg
  • Ideal for up to 3 partygoers
  • If you have a small car, this tent is for you
  • Learn more about this tent


OZtrail Air Pillar 4V Dome Tent from tentworld

Oztrail Air Pillar 4V Dome Tent

  • The fastest to assemble, to get you partying faster
  • No internal poles, ample storage
  • Removable bedroom feature
  • Ideal for up to 4 partygoers
  • Learn more about this tent


OZtrail Festival 2P Dome Tent from Tentworld

Oztrail Festival 2P Dome Tent

  • Great affordable price
  • Lantern hooks and organiser pouches included
  • A great insect free camping option
  • Cross pole construction is super quick to assemble. Party faster!
  • Learn more about this tent


OZtrail Family 12 Dome Tent From Tentworld

Oztrail Family 12 Dome Tent

  • The Big Daddy Festival Party Tent
  • House all the crew under one roof
  • 200cm of head height
  • Party on long after the music has finished on the main stage
  • Learn more about this tent

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