Camping With Your Baby (And How You Can Make it Enjoyable for Everyone)

Planning a camping trip with a baby in tow presents a few challenges. You can’t just pack up and leave like you normally would.

There are lots of steps to take to keep your little one safe.

That’s not to say that you can’t go camping with your baby. Just make sure you keep the following in mind to have an enjoyable trip while keeping your baby safe.


Tip #1 – Don’t Over-pack

It’s tempting to take absolutely everything that you think your baby might need during the trip. But all of those little toys will just take up room and make the trip less enjoyable for everyone else. Ensure you have the right tent so the baby can sleep safe and sound and you can relax as well.

The fact is that your baby will likely just need attention, rather than a car full of baby gear. Pack the essentials, such as a baby carrier and a good blanket. You’ll also need plenty of nappies, wipes, and clothes.

But don’t worry too much about all of the little things that you use to entertain your baby at home.

After all, your little one’s going to experience a lot of new sights and sounds. That’s more than enough to keep them entertained.


Tip #2 – Slow Things Down

Active campers get used to routines that involve them getting up and doing a lot. You might have grand plans to hike, fish, and do everything else that comes with camping.

We’re not going to say that you can’t do any of that. Just know that you need to slow everything down to account for bringing a baby along. You’re likely not going to spend as much time exploring as you would if you were on your own. Your baby needs attention, so you have to adjust accordingly.

That’s not a bad thing though. Camping with a baby gives you the chance to unwind and relax. Take things slow and don’t make plans that run counter to you taking care of your baby.


Tip #3 – Research Suitable Campsites

A campsite with plenty of creature comforts is usually the best option when camping with a baby. Check the facilities to see if there are stores nearby. Ideally, the site itself will have one.

The further the site is from useful facilities, the less suitable it is for camping with a baby.

You’re looking for family-friendly sites that offer plenty of space. This ensures a peaceful atmosphere as you won’t have to deal with loads of people camping right next to you.

It’s also worth introducing yourself to any nearby families. Let them know that you have a baby with you and you’ll do your best to keep the noise down. Most people will understand that you can only do so much about that 2am crying fit and will forgive you if they’re forewarned.


Tip #4 – Create a Suitable Space to Sleep

Your baby isn’t going to be able to use a sleeping bag, so you need to come up with some alternatives.


Tip #5 – Take Care of Bugs

Bugs can cause all sorts of hassles for your little one. You don’t want them coming home with bites and stings.

A bug net will keep unwanted intruders away from the pram when you’re out for a stroll. It’s also worth bringing some insect repellent along so that you can spray the site. At Tentworld we have all the camping insect protection you need for your trip.


Tip #6 – Try to Relax

Finally, don’t stress out too much about taking a baby camping. While there are some challenges, you can deal with all of them if you plan well.

Create a checklist and make sure you have all of the essentials. After that, it’s a lot like any other camping trip. Relax and enjoy yourself.

All that’s left now is to get all of the gear that you need for your trip. Tentworld offers all of the camping accessories and has everything you need to make camping with your baby a success.


Enjoy your camping,


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This sounds great! Gotta plan it well

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