Dispatch Delays July 2021 - An Apology

RE:  Dispatch delays on orders.

Dear Tentworld Online Customers,

You are likely reading this because you have placed an order with us and that we’ve failed to dispatch to you within the times advertised.

The reason for these delays is due to issues with our new software upgrade and a stocktake that has caused delays in our ability to dispatch orders.

The reason we conducted this stocktake was that we were advised to do so as part of our computer software upgrade that took place on the 1st July. This stocktake was to help the transition to be smoother.    

This software upgrade was conducted as planned on 1st July.  This upgrade was to improve dispatching speeds and generally improve the speed of our operations and get new camping gear into your hands even faster. 

Unfortunately, this upgrade has been anything but smooth and our dispatch team has had all sorts of trouble with getting up to our normal operational speeds. We are behind.

The team and consultants we’ve employed to deploy this software upgrade are all working frantically to ensure we can catch up ASAP & we’re making good progress on this. 

We are shipping out more and more orders every day. 

We understand that due to our delays, that we did not sufficiently warn you about - that this might affect your plans.

If we’ve not yet started processing your order through the warehouse system, we are very happy to issue you a refund to allow you to seek the goods elsewhere.

If we’ve already dispatched the goods, but you’ve needed to purchase elsewhere in the meantime - we are happy to accept the goods back as well as pay the return shipping costs and refund you in full upon receipt of the returned goods.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@tentworld.com.au or give us a call on 07 4634 4150


The Tentworld Online Team. 


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damian scammell

By: on 29 July 2021
thats fine


By: on 28 July 2021
DISCLOSURE: I am not in a rush to receive my items and therefor this delay is not as frustrating for me as it would be for many other customers. I decided to leave a comment here because you would have received a lot of complaints in the last week and lost some business. I would like to thank Tentworld for your open and honest communication. I believe 9 out of 10 companies would have simply said nothing or blamed Covid if customers complained about late deliveries. Yes, this problem should not have happened, but it is how people/companies deal with their mistakes afterwards that gives a true sense of their character. Good luck with getting your IT sorted out, we've all been there :)

Tentworld Response
Thankyou for your ongoing patience. It's been quite a bumpy journey so far. When really up to speed, the system will allow us to process and ship orders in lightning speeds to our customers. To date, everything that worked in testing, has failed us when going live. Everyday, things get better and better, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Again, thanks for your comment, it makes us feel a little better.

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