Ozpig - Footy Finals With Your Ozpig

The footy finals are upon us and while for some, 2022 was a season of heartbreak, oh so close and we’ll get ‘em next year. However, for the lucky ones, you will still be cheering your team on to victory. Sport is a great connector and truly homes in on our instinctive tribalism that unites us and gives us all the opportunity to partake in something bigger. It brings people together and this is the ethos that Ozpig shares so closely. We believe there is nothing better in life than getting together with friends and family and creating memories together with flavour born from fire. We’ve assembled three dishes perfect for the footy, so you won’t have to miss a moment this finals series.

First up we’ve got a couple of cracking finger food recipes, perfect to put down on a plate and let the team eat away at their own pace. These dishes are so easy and only contain five ingredients each. Chuck them on an hour before kick off and you’ll be keeping the punters coming back for more.

We’ll kick things off with Apricot Mustard Hot Dogs. A new twist on a classic football pastime, these hot dogs smoke over charcoal and produce an incredible amount of flavour for such little effort.

Download the recipes in PDF format HERE.

Second up, we’ll crank the heat up a bit and introduce you to a round of Bacon and Parmesan Cheese Twists. These will most likely become your football food staple once you’ve tried these out. Bacon and cheese, encased in puff pastry, cooked to perfection on the Oven Smoker or camp oven. So easy, so tasty, these will keep the team coming back.

As we all know, half time exists for a reason and this reason is burgers. Onion Smash Burgers to be specific! At this point in the match, you’ll either be cheering or a little nervous however once these burgers start doing the rounds, everyone will be on their feet!  With everyone well fed before the second half kicks off, chuck a couple of logs into your Ozpig, remove the top and continue to create great memories with friends and family, born around fire with footy finals and Ozpig.

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Download the recipes in PDF format HERE.



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