Great Ideas On Preparing For Your Next Post Isolation Camping Trip

Author: Wayne Shelley   Date Posted:22 April 2020 

Prepping for your post isolation camping trip

Don’t forget to check your camping gear.

I think we are all pretty much guilty of getting back from a camping trip, unloading the car/ute or trailer and shoving our gear in the shed or garage for the next trip…. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!!!  

Last time you did that, you probably didn’t foresee the COVID-19 issues and the longer than usual wait for your next trip.

I don’t want to jinx us all, but the response around Australia to social distancing really does seem to have pushed our numbers down to a world-beating level. In fact, every day now, we are hearing more positive talk about opening up certain aspects of our normal life.

But, let’s face it. None of us will be going overseas anytime soon, and flying around Australia, and even enjoying resort life, is probably going to be curbed for quite a while.

Camping will be back

It makes sense, that probably one thing that will get relaxed sooner rather than later, is our ability to head out bush again, for some sensible socially distanced camping. 

So instead of filling your head with doom & gloom, why not spend some time optimising your camping kit.  Rearrange your storage boxes, and perhaps ditch that old fry pan you’ve had for years, that you drag to every campsite to never use.

First thing, if you use a trailer, grease your hubs and check over the trailer to make sure it’s roadworthy at a moments notice.

Experiment with different ways you can load the car - and how you can load the car quickly - for those impulse weekends away! 

Consider grouping things like sleeping bags and self-inflating mattresses together inside a large duffle bag.  Make sure you take a look at our Tentworld Cotton Canvas Duffle Bags, they’re inexpensive but well suited to the task of making loading your vehicle quick & easy.  Whilst keeping your gear a bit more dust-free. Check out the great prices on these bags. Being organised has never been cheaper.

Tentworld Canvas Storage Bags

If you use a gas camping stove, get it out, check you have enough fuel, and make sure the jets are not blocked. Give the stove a run to make sure you don’t get cut short on your trip.

Check your tent, or swag and give it a good airing. Hopefully, you have been partaking in the #campingathome craze that’s been going around Australia? Give your kids something to do, make them assemble the tent for you!

Get all your cutlery and camp kitchen gear out. Make sure you don’t pack stuff you never use on trips to save weight and space, and, give the gear a good run through the dishwasher. 

What about your camp toilet? Did you give that a good clean out after the last trip? This is usually on the bottom of any list. Make it a priority now. Tentworld stocks some great supplies for all your camp toilet needs. 

It's time to get prepped. You and I are both itching to get out camping again, and this little bit of organising now will make us all the best-organised campers out there the day we are set loose!






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