Lots of things to do at Wivenhoe Dam, SE Qld

Date Posted:5 January 2018 

I spent a few days of the holidays in the beautiful Brisbane Valley and took the opportunity to revisit Wivenhoe Dam.  They call it Lake Wivenhoe these days.  I’m not sure what the difference is between a lake and a dam but it has always been Wivenhoe Dam since I was a girl.  Please forgive me if I continue to refer to it as such.
Wivenhoe Dam is located approximately 45 minute’s drive north-west of Brisbane. Not only does it have great recreational facilities, water activities and fabulous camping; it’s a critical part of the South East Queensland’s bulk drinking water supply.  It is definitely worth a day trip at a minimum. If you get a chance, pop into the information centre and find out all about the dam and its construction.  I highly recommend you make some time to visit the viewing platform and see the spillway from that angle and then take a quick drive to the other side where you’ll find the Spillway Common. This will give you a totally different perspective on it.

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