Ozpig - Cooking Up An Australia Day Feast

Ozpig Australia Day 2022

Cook up some Aussie classics with Ozpig

Australia Day is upon us and what better way than celebrate by cooking up some Australian classic cuisine on the Ozpig. It’s been a tough 12 months with various lockdowns across the country and with restrictions starting to ease up, get your Ozpig fired up, a couple of cold beverages, your friends and family and enjoy a classic Aussie feast!

First up we show you an Ozpig take on Aus Day classic with crispy prawn taco. Prawns and summer in Australia go hand in hand but we don’t like to do things by the book here at Ozpig! Ditch the skewers and load up the tacos and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

You can download all of these recipes in PDF Format right here.

Ozpig Crispy Prawn Tacos Recipe

It’d be sacrilegious to not include lamb somewhere on an Australia Day BBQ so give these flame-grilled lamb burgers a go! You’ll keep the crowd fed and everyone happy while you play a game of backyard cricket or cool off in the pool.

Ozpig Lamb Burgers Recipe

Finally, an Australian icon and cause for great debate between Aussies and Kiwi’s world over. The iconic pavlova, cooked over charcoal in the Ozpig Oven Smoker. This one is something else and you can’t knock it until you’ve tried. I reckon we’ll keep claiming this one for a little while longer!

Ozpig Pavlova Recipe

For all things Ozpig, Tentworld has you covered this summer. What better time to pick up a gift for a loved one or give yourself a reason to up your BBQ and outdoor entertaining game! Go online or drop in-store today.

You can download all of these recipes in PDF Format right here.

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Love our ozpig

By: on 24 January 2022
What delicious ways to quickly cook up a meal . Camping is a passion and oz pig certainly is compact for any trip . Thanks tentworld for the recipes . Especially coming up to Australia day ...no better way to spend it than camping !

Tentworld Response
We hope you enjoy :)

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