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Cooking with the kids with Ozpig

With a lot of Australia once again going into lockdown, we all know it can be tough keeping the kids occupied and away from the screens. It’s no secret that at Ozpig we are all about getting outdoors and enjoying our unique and beautiful lifestyle were so fortunate to have here in Australia. As such, we’ve created a few recipes you can cook with the kids on the Ozpig on these odd occasions and during school holidays to help get them outside and trying something new. Each recipe has six ingredients or less, so they’re nice and easy for the kids to make.

It’s hard to go past a good twist on a classic Aussie ingredient, vegemite. First up we’re making Vegemite and cheese scrolls. This one is great for creativity so don’t be afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty!

Next up we’ll utilise the unique design of the Ozpig and have a go at making some Chimney Damper Cakes. We all know how easy it is to make damper and this recipe call for the classic Aussie camping damper recipe with a bit of a twist on the cooking method. It’s fun and different and a great way to get the most out of your Ozpig.

Finally we’ll finish on something sweet with Easy S’more, again another twist on a camping favourite. Oreo biscuits, marshmallow and chocolate, what’s not to love!

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Download the recipe cards in PDF format - CLICK HERE 

Ozpig Cheese Scrolls

Ozpig Chimney Scrolls

Ozpig Smores

Download the recipe cards in PDF format - CLICK HERE 

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