4 reasons why using a tarp underneath your tent is essential.

Author: Jon Burrell   Date Posted:19 May 2015 

If you're in the market for a new tent, you had best not forget to buy a tarp to go underneath it before your maiden voyage. To find out all the benefits of using a tarp underneath your tent please continue to read.

For most people your tent is the most expensive, and usually the most important piece of camping equipment they own.  For good reason too,  a well designed tent will help you keep warm but dry in winter and cool in summer.

Most people would never own a car without insuring it.  Tent insurance is not available but the next best thing is a tarp to cover you for accidental damage to the floor of your tent.    

Placing a tarp underneath your tent will also give you the following benefits:

1:  If using a tarp that matches the footprint of your tent,  it allows you to quickly and easily position your tent before needing to unpack it.   This is very helpful if you're not certain your tent will fit in a particular place especially when bush camping.  This allows you to quickly pack up, and move on to another site if it turns out to be unsuitable.

2:  Cheap insurance.  We always recommend that you do an inspection of the area you plan on setting up your tent.  You should keep an eye out for stones, sticks and ants nests.  If you can move the stones and sticks that is the best thing to do to avoid potentially piercing the floor of your tent.  If your desired tent spot has a large ants nest underneath it,  if possible try setup elsewhere.  It's no fun sharing your tent with a few thousand angry ants.

3:  Makes packup a breeze.  Using a tarp under your tent keeps your tents floor dry and clean.  Making packing it up quick and easy.

4:  Replacing a tarp if you do miss a sharp stone or stick is a whole lot easier, and less painful to replace than the floor of your new tent.

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