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Relax With Ozpig

August features a day on the holiday calendar which not many people are familiar with, however, it’s a day we can all appreciate as we’re always looking for a little more time to relax. August 15 is National Relaxation Day and what better way than to re-energise and reconnect with those closest to you than by taking the time to low and slow some of your favourite meals. With Ozpig and the Oven Smoker attachment, this can be a reality! The past 12 months have been difficult on us all and forced time away from friends, family and our regular routine are placing more pressure and stress on us than ever before. These dishes are simple yet produce amazing results and pair perfectly with the company of loved ones.

First up and one that’s perfect for a bit of a snack or a lighter lunch is lamb ribs. Coming back into popularity in a big way, lamb ribs are easy to prepare and widely available. This recipe takes advantage of Ozpig’s brand new range of rubs, focusing on the lamb edition which features classic flavours like sea salt and rosemary. Combined with a touch of honey for sweetness, these ribs will be a winner.

Ozpig Lamb Ribs Recipe


Next up is an all-day special. Nine hours of smoking heaven with pulled pork burgers. We all know the longer and slower you cook pork the better it becomes and paired with Ozpig’s new pork rub, this one is an instant classic. Smoke low and slow, spend all day relaxing and taking in those wonderful sights and smells, to finish the day with sensational pulled pork burgers your friends and family will love.

Ozpig Pulled Pork Burgers Recipe

If beef is more your thing, the final star in this lineup is beef rib mallets. Great for beginners just venturing into their smoking journey, beef rib mallets go low and slow for around 8 hours and produce an incredibly tender and melt in the mouth result. Season liberally with Ozpig’s new Beef Rub and you’re away. Trust us, you’ll love this one.

Ozpig Beef Mallets Recips

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Download all the recipes in PDF format right here. 

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