Selecting the right sleeping bag for YOU!

Date Posted:25 May 2018 

emperature Ratings
Even in the summer, nights can get cold, especially in the mountains. Make sure your sleeping bag is made for the correct night temperature. A sleeping bag with a rating of 5 degrees Celsius should keep you warm when the mercury gets to 5 degrees. I do say 'should' loosely. Use ratings as a guide only. If you camp in winter and night temps get down as low as 2 degrees, you will need at least a zero (0) degree sleeping bag; maybe even a minus 5 or 10. I feel the cold, so I have a minus 15 degree bag for zero (0) degree temperatures. I use the same bag in summer, but I simply unzip it and use it as a doona vs get inside it. If you only use a sheet in summer, you may be fine with a zero (0) degree bag as you sleep hot. Please remember that sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm by insulating you, so zipping it up when it's cold is vital.

If you won’t be camping in the cold very often, a sleeping bag liner may add the extra warmth needed on occasional cold nights. That way you won’t cook on those warmer nights or need different rated bags for different seasons. A bag liner can add up to 25 degrees more warmth. Using a sleeping bag liner will also help keep your sleeping bag dirt and sweat free.

Sleeping Bag Fillings
Sleeping bags come in either synthetic or down fillings. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and your choice would depend on what type of camping you do and when.


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