Stay at home camping - Easter 2020

Author: Wayne Shelley   Date Posted:1 April 2020 

Camp Out At Home Easter 2020

The message is clear, not only from the Prime Minister but also the State Premiers. Do not travel this Easter Holidays - Stay at home.

We know that for a lot of you, that will mean cancelling a much-needed camping holiday that you have probably spent a lot of time planning and also purchasing new camping gear to enjoy the trip.

Don’t let all of this planning go to waste. Camp out at home. 

Camping at home with Tentworld

Most if not all of you by now, have been cooped up at home. This is really bad for everyone’s mental health. Getting outside, even into the backyard for a length of time, is going to be really good for you. Setting up a campsite for you and the family gives everyone a purpose, and will be a lot of fun. It will be perfect for decreasing boredom in kids (and adults as well). Change up the kids routine with a campout, it has to be good for them!

Probably the most important part of this exercise is going to be deciding where to pitch your tent or swags in the yard. If you are going to have a fire (and there are no fire restrictions) then make sure your tents are well away. Using a firepit would be a great idea for containing and controlling the fire.

Are you going to cook at your home campsite? I guess there is the draw of a full setup kitchen only a few yards away, but if you are going to cook more than marshmallows over the fire, then make sure you have all the rights pots, pans and cooking gear you need. It might be as simple as cooking a roast in a camp oven, or even a simple damper to cover with jam and cream. Either way, cooking over the coals, or on your camp gas cookers takes the camp at home experience closer to the real thing. 

Do you like your coffee espresso-style? Well these days, you don’t need to head back to the kitchen to use the coffee machine. We have you covered (and they work brilliantly - one of our most popular camping products

Wacaco Espresso Camping Coffee Makers

NOW, how about toilets and showers? Let’s face it, you are going to use the one in the house. No one’s going to be that authentic!

Now you need ideas on what to do at your backyard campsite.

  • Light a fire, fires are a necessity when camping. No one wants to camp when you can’t have a fire. Always make sure there are no fire warnings active of course.
  • Cook a meal and have a drink. Relax, it’s camping.
  • Keep the kids involved with setting up the campsite and helping out.
  • Turn all the lights off in the house, and only have the light of the fire to make it feel real.
  • Remind the kids about previous camping experiences, so that they can look forward to it again.
  • Play some card or board games with the kids.
  • Print out the image at the bottom of this Blog and send the kids on their very own scavenger hunt in the garden. Or download the PDF VERSION right here.
  • Stoke the fire and toast some marshmallows
  • Just get back to basics, and take a breath.

Grounding yourself with camping at home will do wonders for your mental health and that of your whole family. 

It’s a small way we can all get back some sanity in these crazy times.

Here is an image of Jon's setup. Jon is the Director here at Tentworld, and he recently set up his camp at home for Earth Hour.

Jon's setup at home for Earth Hour 2020

Download as a PDF HERE


Comments (4)


By: on 6 April 2020
Lot of “campers” here worried about smoke, imagine if they heard you cough outside?


By: on 3 April 2020
Love the idea, don’t need to have children to enjoy a camp in the back yard, to limit the smoke so as not to disturb the neighbours, it’s possible to get those smokeless logs from bunnings and some bbq stores. If people are worried about smoke effecting others.

Great ideas

By: on 2 April 2020
Love it, love all the ideas, especially re: the fire pits. We have a permanent fire pit at home, it’s just not Easter camping without a fire.


By: on 2 April 2020
great article; BUT - a fire should not be encouraged !! think of the neighbours who suddenly have the smoke without the enjoyment !! I feel you have not thought that thru!

Tentworld Response
Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. You are correct. We would only encourage fires when it is safe to do so and the situation would of course not upset the neighbours. We would hope that our stay at home campers would appreciate the difference between the wilds and the backyard. Cheers and thanks again.

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