How to make the most of your time outdoors this Autumn

Date Posted:13 May 2020 

Make the most of autumn in the outdoors

With the April school holidays already over and Covid-19 restrictions keeping people from some of their preferred activities, now is the perfect time to plan an outdoor adventure and make the most of the beautiful Autumn season. The ideal time of year for hikes, walks and camping trips (where allowed), here are some top tips on how you can still get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air this season. 


We hate to be a buzzkill, but with interstate travel prohibited and different government’s imposing new travel rules daily, it’s important firstly to be up to date with the regulations in your state and plan accordingly.

If your current state government only permits exercise within your suburb, start looking for an outdoor location close to home. If you are allowed to expand your travel radius a bit further, be sure to do your research ahead of time and confirm that the desired location is still accessible to the public and won’t put you at risk of any complications, fines or warnings. If you are venturing to new locations that you aren’t familiar with, make sure you set off with a car mount, so you aren’t tempted to use your phone and drive at the same time.


When it comes to Autumn, some would argue that it is by far one of the most picturesque and beautiful seasons, that is jam-packed with stunning bouts of colour and ideal temperatures for outdoor activities.

So, why not start by choosing an activity that lets you make the most of this unique time of year? We would recommend picking a natural trail, whether that’s a rainforest, bushwalk or even manicured garden or parklands, where you will get to experience the season at its best. With some state regulations still permitting walks and treks, these are easy activities you can do in a few hours, or if you’re looking for something more comprehensive like a camping or a several day hike, it is important to find a location that is still open to the public and provides you with a nice natural path, away from other hikers. Be sure you are well equipped for these extended outdoor trips and that you have the right gear in tow, including a solid water bottle to stay hydrated and compass for correct navigation.


If unfortunately, the rules mean you are house-bound for the time being, why not get started on those home-reno plans you’ve been putting off all year? Autumn is the ideal time of year to get plans underway, with ideal temperatures and minimal rain for helping you get through outdoor work undisturbed. For tackling DIY jobs we recommend any of the Leatherman multi-tool range, and for bigger jobs it’s a great opportunity to support your local tradesmen and building suppliers amidst this uncertain time. Plus, if you need to camp in the backyard while you are doing up the bedrooms, this is nice weather for it.


What many people don’t realise, is that Autumn is the perfect season to start planting a wide range of plants and vegetables. If you have been dreaming on finally setting up that backyard herb garden or veggie patch, now is the best time to grab what you need and get down in the dirt. Some great herbs that hold up to the weather in the coming months include baby spinach, coriander and parsley and some small veggies that also will do well in the backyard include snow peas, kale, broccoli and carrots. The cooler Autumnal weather mixed with warm soil creates the perfect base for growing your garden and will get you on the path to delicious herbs and veggies for the coming months.  


Whether you’ve got kids at home or your annual camping holiday has had to be postponed, who says you still can’t have some fun in your own backyard? With the nice warm days and cooler nights upon us, why not grab a trusty tent and pitch this up for your own private, backyard camping adventure. Plus lighting outside is made easy with the Ledlenser ML4 Rechargeable Lantern – which only takes us 10cm of space but lights a campsite perfectly.

Easy to set up and using minimal space, all you need to do is add some pillows, sleeping bags, a campfire and your favourite snacks, and you’ll have everything you need to still enjoy the season, even if it can’t be too far from home.


Now that you’ve got a few tips on ways you can still maximise your time outdoors this Autumn, why not start planning and get excited for what you still can achieve this season. Remember that this is an unusual period for many of us and so at the forefront of your plans, be sure to take your time, do your homework and not put yourself or others at any risk.  


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