LCC27 What is it? Why is it better?

LCC27 is a term that is coming up more and more these days when we talk gas connections. So, what is it anyway?

The new LCC27 (Leisure Cylinder Connection 27) connection will be replacing the current Type 21 “POL” connection on ‘Leisure’ appliances manufactured from 1st April 2022. This is outlined in the standard “AS 2473.2:2015 Amd 1:2020”.


Why have they changed the connection?
The LCC27 valve has several benefits. The LCC27 valve features a in-built safety valve preventing gas from flowing unless an appliance is properly connected. It also has additional internal seals which close in the event of a fire and is Right-Hand threaded for more user convenience. 


Can I use my existing appliance on a new LCC27 cylinder?
Absolutely! Existing appliances will work fine on the newer LCC27 gas cylinders. Simply tighten into the inner thread like normal.


My new appliance came with a LCC27 hose, but I have an older style cylinder. What should I do?
If you have a Type 21 “POL” Cylinder and have purchased a newer appliance which came with a LCC27 gas connection, you will need to either exchange your cylinder at your nearest ‘swap and go’ for a LCC27 cylinder or have the valve on your cylinder replaced at a licenced LPG cylinder test station.


Can I just get an adaptor to make my old cylinder into a LCC27?
Adaptors must not be used to connect an appliance with a new connection to a cylinder with the older ‘POL’ connection. Additional adaptors increase risk of leaks occurring and the change from Right-Hand thread on the LCC27 to the Left-Hand thread on the POL means that when you tighten one side it will loosen the other, further increasing risk of leaks. 


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