The Essential Family Camping Checklist

Date Posted:7 June 2020 

Family Camping Checklist

As the school holidays approach, our minds start thinking about our next family camping trip. As soon as that happens, you need to start your "list".

Forgetting a crucial bit of camping kit can put a dampener on the whole experience. You need to make a checklist of everything that you need to take with you before you go. Or, you can use this handy checklist that we have made for you. If you have everything on this list, you’ll likely have an amazing camping holiday.

NUMBER 1:  – The Right Sleeping Bags

Did you know that there are different types of sleeping bags? Some work best in warm climates whereas others keep you snug when the temperature drops. Going camping with the wrong sleeping bag can leave you shivering or sweating all through the night. Check the weather forecast and make sure you’re taking the right sleeping bags for the job. It’s also worth considering bringing foam ground mats and even self-inflatable mats for a much more comfortable camping experience.

NUMBER 2:A Waterproof Tent With The Right Equipment

You need a good quality waterproof tent for the “just in case” scenario. After all, there’s always a chance that the forecast might be wrong. A little unexpected rain could soak everything in the tent if you go for the cheaper option. If you are stuck with so many options that we carry, either visit us instore or call us on 1300 836 896 for some advice. 

You also have to ensure you bring everything that you need to get the tent set up. That includes:

  • Upgraded Quality Pegs
  • A Good Mallet - to make hammering in your pegs a simpler process
  • Poles - Extra poles are useful for adding tarp coverage, or holding vestibules taught for gear storage
  • Ground Sheets and Tarps for extra covered space in inclement weather
  • Tent Instructions (especially important for first-timers) - usually in the tent bag, so don't forget it!


Huge Range Of Tents

NUMBER 3:Cooking Gear & Food

Food is an obvious item. Make sure you have a mix of food items though. Only taking food that needs cooking can come back to bite you if the weather doesn’t cooperate. You may want to consider some emergency rations, just in case the weather doesn't play nicely. There are some sensational & tasty quick prepare meals available these days, and, kids love them too. 

As for kitchen camping utensils, there’s plenty to consider. Make sure you have all of the following:

  • Heavy-duty plates and cups - We have tons of good quality ones to choose from.
  • A good quality can opener
  • A good quality gas cooker in case you cannot have a fire 
  • Some quality cookware for the stove, or some camp ovens for over a fire
  • A washing up bowl is always useful to have
  • Some paper towels
  • A tablecloth
  • Some tin foil and plastic wrap to save food in  (foils also good for cooking over open flames)
  • Some hand sanitiser for quick cleaning while you’re handling food when water is an issue

Finally, make sure you bring a couple of bin bags along. You have to clean & leave the campsite in its original state.

NUMBER 4:The First Aid Essentials

  • A well stocked and quality first aid kit is absolutely essential for a camping holiday. All sorts of cuts, scraps, and bruises can happen in the great outdoors. You need equipment for cleaning and bandaging small wounds. Even a small wound will become infected if not treated immediately in the bush. 
  • Of course, you have to remember any prescription medication that you or your family members take. Pack it in with the first aid kit.
  • You can never have enough band aids and it’s worth investing in a good antiseptic cream. Your sunscreen falls into this category too, as you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors. Make sure it’s strong enough to deal with the climate that you’re expecting. Pack some after-sun lotion too, just in case.

NUMBER 5:The Other Camping Essentials (and maybe some not so essentials) 

That takes care of a lot of what you’ll need to make your camping holiday great. Finally, here are a few other things you need to make the trip a hit. 

  • Suitable outdoor clothing. Pack for all types of weather so that you’re not caught short if the forecast fails you. Make sure you pack a hat for yourself and the rest of the family.
  • Bring your own toiletries. It’s likely that your campsite will have facilities (though they may now be closed due to Covid restrictions), but you can’t always guarantee that they’ll be well stocked.
  • Camping furniture including comfortable chairs and tables. You don’t want to spend the entire holiday sitting uncomfortably on the floor, and there are so many great affordable options these days, 
  • Some insect repellent. It’s also worth investing in hats and fly nets to keep insects away from your face. Bushmans is also Made In Australia. 
  • A good torch. Make sure that it works properly before packing it. Also, pack some spare batteries and a spare bulb or two. Kids will also love a headlamp rather than a torch, and there is less chance they will lose it too. 
  • Some candles with a cigarette lighter or matches. Just in case the torch breaks.
  • Always bring plenty of water.

There you have it. A comprehensive list of all of the essentials that you need to make your family camping holiday a success. Of course, there’s plenty of other equipment that you could take too.

So, where do you find everything that you need for your trip?

Check out the online store to get everything that you need.

Happy camping!

The Tentworld Team


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Camping Christmas present

By: on 1 January 2021
My husband and I treated ourselves to a Zempire solid bamboo top pantry this year from Tentworld Sturdier than our previous camp table We love it

Zempire Pantry

By: on 31 December 2020
One of the BEST items we have ever bought, second to the Ice Machine! Very solid and holds heaps of things. We bought the larger one.

Camping Christmas present

By: on 31 December 2020
My husband and I treated ourselves to a Zempire solid bamboo top pantry this year from Tentworld Sturdier than our previous camp table We love it

Let's Have Fun

By: on 13 June 2020
I've been camping all around Oz with Mum and Dad as a kid continuing to this date. Remote stuff like the Canning, 4 Simpsons, Coberg Pen etc etc. for 68 years (5 or 6yo until now) The challenge is if you can identify any gear I could use; I'll buy it. We run a 4WD with an All Cab Rooftop with awning and walls for longer stays. Up to it ? Cheers Mike

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