Tips on how to maximise your portable toilets capacity and efficiency

Date Posted:7 May 2020 

Portable camping toilets are great - they make camping a pleasure for many & it means you can avoid having to dig holes, or use uncomfortable drop toilets….

Emptying your portable toilet however is not a job anyone looks forward to even though usually, it’s not that bad an experience.  It’s usually all over in a couple of minutes, and depending on your chemical choice - not even that smelly.  (Unless you’re emptying into a drop toilet! - but think of all the time you saved not being in there up until this point!). 

Despite this - getting the longest life out of your portable toilet before having to empty it means you can stay at your campsite longer. 

There are a few tips we have for extending how long you can go before needing to empty your portable toilet.  Other than eating loads of cheese to block yourself up (as fun as that is!!), there are simpler solutions.

Tip 1 - Use a Bucket Toilet for your Number 1’s (Urine) - instead of your portable toilet. 

There is no need for your Number 1’s to go into your portable toilet where your Number 2’s go.  Urine can be more easily disposed of, and can be emptied in the bush onto a tree - there is little need for any chemicals (unless you’ve been eating too many Brussel sprouts!). 

There is no need to use dumping sites to empty your urine only bucket toilet either.   

Put any tissue paper into a rubbish bag beside the toilet!!

This keeps a lot of liquid out of your portable toilet, greatly extending your time between emptying.

Tip 2 - Use Happy Bowl Toilet Liners - or use a toilet paper landing pad. 

Happy Bowl Toilet Liners help your Number 2’s slide into the waste tank easier & skid free - using less water to flush. 

Happy Bowl Toilet liners are specially designed to stop skids, and to reduce water needed to flush (less friction).  But if you find yourself without this, with the storage tank trap closed - line the landing area with toilet paper & a similar effect will be achieved.

Tip 3 - For those extra long trips - consider carrying a 2nd storage tank. 

We often have customers asking if there is any saving for buying only the bottom tank rather than an entire 2nd portable toilet.. 

Sadly there is no saving in doing this and with many of our suppliers, it’s not even possible to arrange.

So it is best to just buy two toilets, and leave your spare top tank at home as a spare.

Carrying a single top tank, and two bottom tanks - doubles your time between emptying!  

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Good to know

By: on 17 May 2020
That was very enlightening. Did not know about happy bowl liners. I am heading off in October for I don’t know how long. I don’t have an en-suite so these tips are funtastic. Many thanks

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