4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

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The new 4x4 Equip Safety Flagpole is perfect for directly mounting to your bullbar or roofrack for maximum visibility. Perfect for 4x4 touring.


Utilizing decades of 4WD experience and our wealth of design and development knowledge, we believe, we have come up with the ultimate vehicle Safety Flagpole.

Not only has it been design for maximum visibility, our Safety Flagpole has been designed with practicality in mind. Once the Coupling Spigot has been mounted to your vehicle, the Safety Flagpole can be taken out of its storage bag, unfolded and erected in seconds.

It can also be taken down and put away, just as quick by simply disconnecting it from the vehicle via our unique Quick Release Coupling and then pulling apart the three 1m sections which are held in tension by an elastic cord.

Its semi-rigid fibreglass construction minimizes excessive 'whip' which is a major problem with other flagpoles on the market.  Our intention in designing our Safety Flagpole was to ensure that the pole maintained its perpendicular position to the vehicle when negotiating a dune with the appropriate momentum.  Other poles simply don’t do this and tend to bend excessively back towards the windscreen in this same scenario, which really defeats the 'Safety' aspect of having a flagpole. 

Having a 4x4 Equip 3m Safety Flagpole mounted to your vehicle while driving through coastal, coastal tracks and inland sand dunes will significantly decrease the risk of an accident with another oncoming vehicle.  It is also a requirement to have a Safety Flagpole mounted to your vehicle in certain workplace environments.

The new 4x4 Equip Safety Flagpole is perfect for directly mounting to your bullbar or roofrack for maximum visibility.



  • S.A Desert Parks compliant
  • Fibreglass rod construction
  • Base pole section: 20mm Diameter fiberglass rod for rigidity which also reduces excessive whipping
  • Middle and top pole sections: 15mm diameter fibreglass rod for durability with minimal flex
  • Heavy duty elastic cord throughout its length allows the flagpole to be put up and down in seconds
  • Electroplated aluminium joining sleeves for added corrosive resistance
  • Large 360° rotation mesh safety flag with reflective strips, 320mm x 320mm or 1024cm for added safety (Exceeds S.A Desert Parks requirements for flag size)
  • Lockable heavy duty 'anti-theft' quick release coupling (padlock not supplied)
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Storage bag included


Model: IDH-20-26
UPC/ISBN: 9340410002098

Base Pole Section: 20mm diameter fibreglass rod

Middle and Top Sections: 15mm diameter fibreglass rod

Reviews of 4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

(3.4) based on 7 reviews.

4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

(3) By: Mark on 19 July 2019
Pole didn't fit together first time - lucky I had sand paper and could shave down the pole a little so it would fit into the connector. Off road, the pole did very well - minimal whip to maintain upright position. The bottom fitting is tough and easy to use. Over the 2 weeks it was used, the bungee cord inside loosened a little so much so that a couple of times the flag connectors came apart on the bumps. Inconvenient, but an easy fix. Had the pole have fit into the connectors first time and I didn't have to sand it down to make it fit, I would definitely recommend this product. If you do buy, make sure you try yours out to make sure it all fits together before you are out there in the middle of no where and need to use it.

4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

(1) By: ROB SMITH on 20 September 2018
found the flag to be so much taller than anyone elses, which isnt a bad thing but put a lot of pressure on the pole. Crossed the simpson desert with this a few weeks ago, had never used the pole before and followed all the instructions on how to tighten lock nut, im OCD with instructions. The thread on the base connector to the pole moved around so much the locking screw threaded the complete inside of the chamber which meant the pole could simply bounce off the base. This happened 3hrs after leaving big red heading west, so didnt last long at all. Tried to tighten bolt when i first noticed but was as tight as it could go. Had to wrap a mile of tape around it to hold it on. Was disappointed considering the price and most other had made their own, I had bought 'the best'.

4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

(4) By: David Bent on 11 September 2018
We have just returned home from a trip along the Canning Stock Route, Connie Sue and the Anne Beadell Hwy. Unfortunately due to the amount of overhanging branches along the route we lost the flag and the tip of the pole broke off. Need a replacement flag can you source one please. The pole and fittings are very strong so much so it bent the mount on the bull bar, next time I will fit it to the base of the ball bar. Otherwise very happy with product just needs a new flag

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseThank you for your review! Sounds like you had a great trip. Sorry to hear the tip snapped off. I am not sure about spare availability, so I have transferred your request to our customer service team who will investigate and present solutions they may find to you. Kind Regards & Happy Camping ~ Tentworld team.

4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

(1) By: Mark Thomas on 13 August 2018
The rave reviews no doubt written by people who have never crossed driven over currugations or crossed sand dunes such as you find in the Simpson. I bought one of these flags. The connections are good quality stainless steel but the problem is the core of the flag at the point where it connects to the bayonet fitting is a cheap alloy. Which is exactly where the flagpole snapped about two hours after leaving Dalhousie Springs on a west to east crossing of the Simpson on the French Line. Do not buy this product if you plan on crossing the Simpson or intend driving on corrugated roads with it attached.. Fine if all you want to buggerise around on gentle beach dunes.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseThank you for your review of the 4x4 Equip flag. Sorry that it did not perform well for you. We are quite concerned. We have in the past sold other flags that certainly were not up for the task. We've long since de-ranged these. We've sold these flags happily now for several years, and this is the first complaint we've come across. I've seen your warranty claim in the emails, and can see what happened. We are investigating this with the supplier, at this stage we are of the opinion that it's a individual fault with your unit, not a design failure but we're monitoring this one closely to ensure no further problems occur for any other users. Thank you for your review. I hope you enjoyed your trip! Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

4X4 Equip Safety Flag 3m Pole

(5) By: Trent Bainbridge on 12 May 2018
Looks really good quality, very happy..

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