Atka AC30 Compass

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The Atka AC30 Compassis the perfect entry-level compass for orienteering


The Atka AC30 Compass is the perfect companion for your travel, camping, hiking or orienteering needs. With its orienteering baseplate and global needle, you will be sure to know which way to go, even if you travel oversees.
The AC30 is feature-packed and with a 10-year warranty, you can be confident in your newfound sense of direction.


  • Orienteering Baseplate
  • Liqued encapsulated global needle
  • Magnifier
  • Index Line with movable bezel
  • Luminous direction arrows and North needle
  • Orienting symbol templates
  • Ruler and compass baseplate
  • Meridian lines
  • Lanyard included


Model: XAC30
UPC/ISBN: 9331393010316

Weight: 60 grams

Needle: Global



The Atko AC30 Compass is backed by a 10-year warranty

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