Big Boar Wok

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The Big Boar Wok has been specifically designed to fit your Ozpig. You can remove the top plate and place the Wok directly over the fire to cook fish and chips, scrambled eggs, grilled onions or anything else you fancy.


You can place the diffuser under it for less heat or you can flip the Big Boar Wok over to use it as a steamer or for cooking pizza on your hot-plate. You are only limited by your imagination!

Assuntas tip for wok cooking: "I often use the wok over thick marinated chicken breasts or whole pieces of fish which have been marinated in sesame oil/garlic/ginger/lime juice & Soya sauce: Heat the top plate over the fire (if you require less heat under the top plate place the diffuser under the cooking plate) place the chicken breasts or fish on the top plate. Cook for 3 to 8 minutes (depending on the thickness) once you turn the food over, place the wok over the food to finish the cooking."


  • Multi-Purpose Wok
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Wooden handle so you can use the Wok with bare hands


Model: BB003-01
UPC/ISBN: 9313106972029

Uses: Frying, steaming, baking or whatever you can dream up!

Size: Sits in the top of your OZPig

Reviews of Big Boar Wok

(5.0) based on 2 reviews.

Big Boar Wok

(5) By: on 16 February 2019
Very good

Big Boar Wok

(5) By: on 1 September 2017
I love the Ozpig wok, I used to for stir fry last week, and today I used it with my cast iron frying pan, 28cm base, and I cooked a Quiche using the wok as a lid to make an oven type of heat, and it worked a treat. The Quiche was perfectly cooked. So versatile and easy to clean and care for. Definitely taking the Ozpig and all the bits and pieces on my camping adventure soon.

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