Biomagic Heavy Duty Large Waste Tank Toilet Chemical - 500ml

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BIOMAGIC Heavy Duty Large Waste Tank Toilet Chemical - 500ml treats the cause of odours and is great for use in chemical toilets as well as having other great uses around your campsite.


BioMagic treats the cause instead of the sympton and works in a far superior way to products that mask or absorb odours. BioMagic provides a practical and economical way of supplying oxygen and nutrients in a hydrated form, which allows the facultative bacteria to quickly become and remain aerobic, effectively eliminating sulfide production and actually preventing odours from being produced. It accelerates the rate of waste breakdown. For neutralising biomass, biomagic acts the same as Mother natures bio-cycle, only hyper-accelerated.

How to use BioMagic for Large Waste Tanks Large holding Tanks: Treat at the rate of 100mls per 100 litres of capacity divided into gradual doses. We recommend you add approx half the required dose for the tank with at least 2-3inches of water in base of tank at set-up. Then add more when the tank reaches half full or 5-6 days. If you only use it sporadically add 50 mls per 2 people per week.In very hot weather Start with half the dose and add 50 ml every 3-4 days when using it.This is due to the fact that the bacteria will use it quicker in the heat.

Porta-Potty or Cassette: Add 30 mls to the flush tank & fill with water. Add 30 mls of Biomagic & at least an inch of water to the base tank . Toilet is now ready to use. If you are not ready to empty it by 3-4 days add another half a dose with a coupe of flushes to keep it active for another few days. Note: Cleaning all old chemical products out is very important. Refer to Changeover procedure.

Greywater Holding Tanks: Empty tank & add 50mls per 100 litres capacity fill with water & soak 4-12 hours. Empty , then add 1 capful down each drain with a cupfull of water. After this add 1 capful each 1-2 days or each day if you are using a shower. It will stop odour, gas & sludge build-up in the tank.

Laundry, Washing Machines: Add 25-30 mls to a wash load with clothes and laundry product (no bleach or disinfectant). It will soften & deodorise the clothes & is beneficial to the machine & drains too.

DILUTE BioMagic for Large Waste Tanks with an equal quantity of water for all the following applications.

General Room Deodoriser : Adjust nozzle on a spray bottle to give a fine mist spray. Puff lightly into the air or on fabrics & surfaces for airborne smells and wipe hard surfaces dry. Do not over-wet fabrics it is better to use a little and then repeat if necessary.

Surface Spray: May be used to clean and freshen toilets & bathrooms especially portable toilets or toilets attached to a natural waste system( Septic, Biological,etc)

Fridges, Freezers, Eskies: Spray all surfaces Except raw metal & wipe dry after a few minutes. If any odour remains respray and wipe dry.

Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning & deodorising: May be added to cleaning solution at 1500mls per 20 litres.or add 30 mls per wash load in laundry. Note: may be used in a fogger for larger areas.

Airconditioning units: Remove filters & wash in soapy water that a small amount of Biomagic has been added them then spray with BIoMagic, Repalce in unit & turn on to run for a few minutes. Spray lightly into air intake while running to circulate in the room.

Rubbish bins & surrounds: Spray all surfaces , leave a few minutes then rinse or wipe over. Spray ground around bin to deter ants & flies.

Dogs, Cats & Pets: Use spray bottle for all animal smells & litter trays. May be used on animals coats and also in their laundry .Refer to Pets n Vets info

Ants & insects: This product will not kill ants etc but when sprayed on the ground or surfaces it does not allow ants to leave an odour trail so they find it a very dangerous environment & leave. Great when camping in areas where ants are a problem, you can move them on without killing them.


  • Great for camping
  • Many different uses


Model: BLWT500
UPC/ISBN: 9338513004088

Size: 500ml

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