BlackWolf Turbo Awning Screenroom - 450

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The Blackwolf Turbo Awning Screenroom fits the Turbo Lite Cabin 450 tent.


This screenroom will create a bug proof room under your 3-pole awning. These make a great addition to your Turbo tent and campsite setup. 1x Screenroom - Tent NOT Included


  • No-see-um Mesh Doors & Windows
  • Waterproof Taped Seams On Floor


Model: 31152707404504
UPC/ISBN: 9334917087252

Dimensions: 450/370 x 180cm

Weight: 6kg

Fly Fabric: No-see-um Mesh

Floor Fabric: 500D Polyester PU


The Blackwolf Turbo Awning Screenroom - 450 is covered by the Blackwolf™ Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Reviews of BlackWolf Turbo Awning Screenroom - 450

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BlackWolf Turbo Awning Screenroom - 450

(2) By: on 22 February 2018
What do you do when you have 2 side panels and a front panel, but you get a deluge of rain and water floods the awning area wetting anything touching the ground? You get the screen room because it has a solid floor. Unfortunately, this screen room is the only Black Wolf product I have ever been disappointed with. It's simply poorly designed. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was never field tested. I think the smaller versions were tested, and this was simply scaled up with 2 extra doors added (there are two doors each at the front and the back to match the front panel and the entry into the tent). Anyway, following is a list of issues I have with this product. 1. The back wall of the screen room isn't wide enough. The elastics are extremely stretched to reach the poles, to the point where those massive aluminium poles that hold the tent up actually bend towards the middle of the tent when it's attached. That's a lot of tension. 2. The gap between the tent inner and the screen room is approximately 30cm. My 5 year old struggles to get from the screen room to the tent without having to step between them. In fact we all do, particularly carrying something. 3. There is only one power cord zipper. The tent has one on each side, but this only has one on the front right hand side as you look at the tent. That can be awkward for running a cable into the tent, but also means you can't run a cable through the room and into the tent, you need another extension cable to exit the front of the screen room, then run around the side of it and into the tent. What a nuisance. 4. On the base of the front middle pole of the tent there is a buckle that does nothing. The screen room has a fixing point there, but it just has a D-ring and a peg. Why doesn't it have a clip for the buckle? It's a very awkward spot to peg down between the tent and the screen room. 5. There is no fixing point under the front doors of the screen room. That means every time you try to pull the zip up to open or close the door you have to step on the fabric in the right spot or use 2 hands. 6. There are very few points to hang lights from. If you just have one big light that hangs from the middle, you're fine, but we have a series of small LEDs which work brilliantly and are designed to be run around the awning. That's fine when there are poles and fabric edges to hang them from (like when the screen room isn't in the awning), but there aren't enough points in the screen room to do that. A minor annoyance. 7. It blocks a huge amount of air flow. That's not really a fault with the product, it's just what screens do, but keep it in mind before you buy. Hopefully Black Wolf will one day put this up in a tent, realise these issues, and produce a Screen Room 2.0, but in the meantime it's not worth paying so much money for the only poorly designed product they make. It gets a bonus star because the floor keeps the water out.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseHi Michael, very sorry to hear of your disappointment with the screen dome. Your feedback is great, and I have passed this along to Blackwolf so that they can apply this to further product improvements. Interestingly, this product has been available to the public now since August 2015 and has gone unchanged since. We (Tentworld) have sold hundreds of these, and i'd imagine Blackwolf even more. Yet despite this, this is the first time we've received feedback on it at all. It has definitely been pitched multiple times by Blackwolf, as I've seen it pitched. We agree on the frustration of the gap between screen room and tent. This particular problem is very hard to overcome without drastically changing the entire tent design. However, the rest of your points all do seem very achievable for minimal expense. Kind Regards & Happy Camping ~ Tentworld team.

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