Campfire Vacuum Sealer 240V

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The Campfire Vacuum Sealer 240V is an ideal way to pre-packaged meat and other fresh food to take camping or make more space in the freezer at home!


The Campfire Vacuum Sealer 240V is an ideal way to pre-packaged meat and other fresh food to take camping or make more space in the freezer at home! Vacuum sealing food stops the leaking of blood and other liquids into your esky and fridge, stops food from getting soaked in melted ice in your esky, eliminates freezer burn and helps portion food to your preferred size for your long trips!

The Campfire Vacuum sealer is packed full of features such as a Dry and Moist setting and a vacuum pressure setting of normal and gentle that can be used on more delicate items like sausages, cakes, pastries etc. It also has a seal only button that will allow you to seal the end of the bag without the vacuum feature and the vacuum and seal option that will remove all air and seal the bag.

The Campfire Vacuum Sealer comes with 5 pre-cut sealer bags in each of the two sizes. If you do run out not to worry you can buy extra pre-cut bags and rolls! 



  • A simple 3 step vacuum seal for hygienic, fresher & healthier food
  • Ideal storage solutions for the fridge, freezer and pantry
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Keeps food fresh for longer
  • Prevents freezer burn
  • Maintains flavour and nutrients
  • Blocks out air & moisture and seals in freshness
  • Instruction manual

BONUS: pre-cut bags included:

  • 22cm x 30cm - 5pcs
  • 28cm x 40cm - 5pcs

Parts and Control Panel Functions:

1. Vacuum + Seal / Cancel

This Button has two functions:

  • Vacuuming and sealing bags
  • Cancelling current operation of the appliance

2. Food

This Button is used for choosing the best bag seal time:

  • Dry Setting: For dry bags and items without moisture. This setting has a shorter seal time.  
  • Moist Setting: For moist foods that require a longer seal time. 
  • NB: The Default setting is the DRY setting with a shorter seal time. 

3. Vacuum Pressure:

This button offers the choice of two different vacuum pressures:

  • Normal: For regular items that will not easily crush. 
  • Gentle: Used on delicate items such as strawberries, soft cheese, pastries, cakes etc
  • NB: The Default setting is NORMAL.

4. Seal Only

This button has two functions

  • To manually seal the open end of the bag without vacuuming. 
  • It allows the operator to control the vacuum pressure to avoid crushing delicate items.  

When the automatic "Vacuum + Seal" function is in use, pressing the "Seal Only" button stops the motor pump and immediately starts to seal the bag. 


Download the Campfire Vacuum Sealer 240V PDF Manual

Model: 504333
UPC/ISBN: 9312652071583

Power: 240V

Dimensions: 37L x 20W x 10H cm


Heating Current: 7A

Vacuum Current: 1A

Maximun Vacuum Pressure: -0.75 bar

Motor Suction: Draws 9L/minute

Power: 120W

Sealing Width: Up to 28cm

Temperature: 15C to 40C


The Campfire Vacuum Sealer 240V is covered by the Campfire 12 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

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