Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

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The Coleman Hot Water on Demand H2Oasis Elite is the best compact, lightweight and fully portable unit that delivers hot water in seconds. Ideal for campsites, showering, cooking, cleaning and much more!


When you are in need of hot water, the Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite is ready! The updated Coleman HWOD H2Oasis Elite now has an improved battery performance and battery lock feature! The HWOD Elite is a compact, lightweight and fully portable unit that is self-contained and delivers hot water in seconds at the turn of a dial. Whether you are outdoors for the weekend, on a long camping trip or on the road touring the H2Oasis is a great travelling companion that will ensure you always have hot water at your fingertips. The Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite is ideal for campsites, showering, washing, cooking, cleaning and much more - whenever you need hot water, the HWOD H2Oasis will deliver it in next to no time.

The HWOD Elite will heat water up to 30°C above ambient temperature, reaching a maximum of 50°C! It's powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and has an LED display with a battery light indicator so you know when the device needs to be charged. The HWOD Elite has a single setting shower head, and integrates Coleman's unique multi-directional head fitting that allows you to direct water at any angle and height. Made from high density ABS plastic, the HWOD Elite has a heavy duty quick connect brass fitting and aluminium grab handles. With dual storage ports and a handy mesh organiser, the HWOD Elite is quick and easy to pack away. The versatile and functional Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite is the perfect outdoor hot water solution!

Please Note: Images are for illustration purposes only. Coleman Lightweight LPG Propane Bottle/Cartridge not included.


For more information about how to use the HWOD system and for troubleshooting tips, take a look at the following videos:



  • Heat up to 150L of water with one Coleman Lightweight LPG bottle (sold separately)
  • Heats water up to 30°C above ambient temperature reaching a maximum of 50°C
  • Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, ensures lightweight performance
  • Fast charging (includes 12V and 240V adaptors)
  • Will also operate on direct feed power
  • Full digital display shows water temperature output, flame indicator, battery life and smart programming
  • Deluxe 4 setting shower head including off function, includes hook and loop point for easy hanging; unique multi-directional head fitting allows the user to direct water at any number of angles and heights
  • USB ports to charge most USB compatible devices
  • Heavy duty quick connect brass fittings, aluminium grab handles and high density ABS plastic construction
  • 8ft non-kink silicone hoses with quick connect fittings, easily connect to water source or directly to garden hose
  • Dual storage ports and handy mesh hose organiser makes for easy pack away
  • Battery Lock feature stops battery drain


Model: 1379870
UPC/ISBN: 76501238075

Weight: 8.5kg

Dimensions: 47cm L x 17cm W x 36cm H

Shower Hose Length: 2.4m

Material: High density ABS plastic

Pump: Electric

Fuel Type: Coleman LPG

Battery Type: Lithium-ion with battery lock

Run Time: Approx. 80 mins

Flow Rate: 2.3L/min


The Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis is covered by a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Reviews of Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

(4.1) based on 7 reviews.

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

(5) By: Michael on 21 November 2017
This product arrived within days and works well. I have heated buckets of water so far and the battery is still full. I recommend this product to all who camp.

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

(5) By: Chris on 9 September 2017
Fast Delivery, great customer service, cheapest price around! Couldn't be more happier it will making camping with the family so much easier.

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

(5) By: Lindsay Joy on 27 August 2017
We absolutely love our Coleman hot water service! It's compact and light. The water flow is great. We use it everyday for showering and washing up. It's easy to use. We're travelling for a year and it's going to make our life much easier. Thanks Coleman for a great product!

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

(1) By: Adrian on 12 July 2017
ZERO OUT OF TEN. Terrible product with obviously little quality control. PROBABLY THE WORST HEATER ON THE MARKET after using other camp water heaters such as Joolca and Aqua Cube. DO NOT BUY. Cheaply built, inefficient at heating water, no instantaneous heating upon turning on or off as you must manually ignite the burners with the ignition dial meaning once showering, it cannot be turned off at the shower head so you will quickly uses all your water. I purchased this item for a prospecting tip near Meekatharra in Western Australia. It was tested at home first and it worked okay even though the water did not heat hotter than 33 degrees on a warm day-hardly shower temperature. The frustrating thing about it however was that you could not turn the unit off once you started it as you would need to re-ignite the burner manually at the ignition dial-a serious flaw with the design that is not present with its competitors. When I used it for the first time camping it would cut out after 10 seconds-water and flame. A 'Flo" message would appear each time indicating no water pressure even though water had been pouring out seconds before. I was extremely disappointed and stranded without a shower for a week. On returning it to Tentworld, I subsequently purchased a Joolca Hot Tap which is excellent and has excellent reviews.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseVery sorry about the bad experience you've had with your Coleman. This is unusual and we have sold lots and lots of these units since their release over 12 months ago. If items have very high return rates, we save you the trouble of buying it and then having to return it. We return them all. It's simply not worth the hassle of dealing with the returns. You are right though ufortunately the Coleman does not have the feature of being able to stop the flow, and reignite using the shower head. It does however have lots of other great features which make it a very worthy contender for your hard earned camping dollars such as its compact size, built in pump and ease of use. However, it's not for everyone which is why we also sell the Joolca :D Glad that we were able to sort you out with a great hot water system in the end. The Joolca sure does pump through some hot water! Cheers, Tentworld Team.

Coleman Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite

(4) By: Robbie on 13 September 2016
Great product, does what it is supposed to. Great for showers and in the kitchen. Only issue is that you cant stop the flow without having to relight pilot and get it going again. But once you get used to that you can work around it fine. all in all im happy with mine.

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