Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

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The Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump creates a bed like experience being the same height as a normal bed.


Treat yourself to a Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump and get a great night sleep the next time you go camping.

Made from a durable, heavy-duty PVC material this mattress is sure to last, and with a rayon-flocked top for added comfort, you will awaken as fresh as a daisy - you will think you've just spent the night in your own bed! The double height will keep you well insulated from the ground and make you feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud. 

To make life simple, the good folk at Coleman have also built a 240V pump into the mattress, so it's a breeze to inflate and deflate.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, take it camping and/or use it as a spare bed at home. Packs away and stores in a cupboard when not in use.


  • Double height creates a mattress like experience
  • Powerful built in 240V pump to inflate and deflate
  • Soft suede top for luxurious comfort
  • Perfect choice for a spare bed at home
  • Carry bag included


Model: 1217506
UPC/ISBN: 76501062878

Dimensions: 198 x 152 x 45 cm

Packed Size: 41cm L x 36cm W x 18cm H

Weight: 8.40kg

Coils: 35


1 year manufacturer's warranty

Reviews of Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

(4.8) based on 16 reviews.

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

(5) By: Sharon Burns on 20 November 2018
We found the mattress to be very comfortable and easy to inflate with the attached power outlet.

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

(5) By: Mick Page on 9 November 2018
Got it, slept on it and love it, it exceeded my expectations. Easy and quick to inflate and deflate, if you need a just in case bed this is perfect, it ticks all the boxes.

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

(5) By: Claudia on 8 November 2018
Very happy so far, easy and fast to set up and comfortable to sleep on. The service was great too, fast process and delivery, all included in the cost Thanx guys Keep it up

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

(5) By: Carl on 10 September 2018
Great quality and comfortable to use either indoors or outdoors. My naive self expected a 'built in pump' to be one that inflates and deflates by itself. But after getting this product, I soon realised that you actually need to plug it into a power point.. I will try use a hand/leg pump to see how quickly you can inflate it manually.

Coleman Queen Size Double High Quickbed w/built in 240V Pump

(5) By: Paul on 22 August 2018
I have only recently bought this bed, to use it camping rather than as a spare bed at home. After the first trip I can say the size is comfortably adequate for two people, and the extra thickness really helps in damping each persons movements during the night. Nothing worse than rolling over on a thinner mattress and bouncing your partner clear out onto the floor. We were previously using two single air mattresses pushed together with a king sheet over them. That was also a solid arrangement, and we were concerned about the partner disturbance potential of moving back to a lone mattress, but it proved not to be an issue. The in-built inflator is a really good unit, definitely saves a bit of time and extra gear having it there ready to go. It takes only a few minutes to get the bed inflated, and makes no more noise than any of these units. The deflator function is also very efficient, and I'd recommend using that each time rather than opening the valve to let it bleed naturally. Unless you're of a mind to wrestle with the rubber bundle until it submits into relative flatness for folding, the deflator will quickly vacuum it very flat indeed for a compact fold-up. If you happen to be off the grid, the regular Coleman valve will work fine with a small battery powered inflator. Another major benefit here is that wonderful thickness-not only for it's ability to maintain harmony while you get comfortable at night, it is also the perfect height to sit on while you get your shoes tied, or relax with a drink to watch somebody cook dinner. When camping out for a few days I really believe that simply using a tent is roughing it enough, the secret to enjoying the whole thing is getting a quality sleep and having an inviting interior to the nylon cabin. With this bed inflated, covered with a sheet and a couple of good duvets, along with your favourite pillows from home, this is nearly as good as your own regular bed. The mattress does have a quality feeling nap to the top surface, but I never use one of these without putting a duvet on it first before the sheet. It really does help avoid the cold rubber mattress feeling, and increases the illusion of sleeping in a by-gosh real bed. Until they start rolling these out with a latex pillow top that folds up nicely, I highly recommend the extra duvet as part of the kit. Construction of the mattress feels good and strong. I am pretty jaded these days about the way many things seem to be built cheap for a quick life and easy replacement, which isn't such an awesome philosophy when the said life ends on a long camping trip and you wake up on the hard cold floor. This one feels like it's actually built to last, with strong seams and thick vinyl. We'll see how that goes but it really feels better built than the lower priced thinner models from the same manufacturer. Folding it up after use is not too bad-as mentioned it's best to use the deflator function rather than the release valve, in order to get it properly flat with all the air out. I have been absolutely unable to get it back into it's original "storage bag" but since that particular item looks about as durable as a plastic shopping bag we are ready to use our own tougher storage bag for it anyway. A bag of some sort is not a bad idea, just to protect the vinyl from offending sharp objects. All in all, whether you look at this item for camping, or just for a bed at home, it's very acceptable and I give it the thumbs up. Good height, good comfort, not too much movement and minimal leakage during the night. (So far). I would say the extra money for the built in inflator is well spent, especially if it's regularly used.

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