Darche Megadome King Single Dome Swag

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The Darche Megadome King Single Dome Swag was recently introduced to Darche's core range.


Darche revolutionised the swag market when they introduced the Dome style swag over 20 years ago. An authentic Australian brand is known for superior quality products. Darche has re-launched its Max-Treme® swag range, consisting of premium classic models and the new touring Ridgedome. All models are constructed with wax coated Max-Treme® 16oz ripstop canvas - providing strength, durability, maximum breathability and excellent water resistance. Additional standard features are 70mm high-density foam mattress and refined swag design. 

As part of the Max-Treme series, the Megadome King Single Dome Swag featuring a 3-hoop design is unique, offering a comfortable and enjoyable nights sleep. Ready to go with a 70mm fitted mattress, incorporating twin head pole set up with a built-in zippered sky viewing window. Full zip-off storm cover allows for maximum cross-flow ventilation on warmer nights, whilst keeping you warm and dry when the weather turns. Ventilation baffle at foot of swag also allows for an increase of airflow at toe section. The Megadome is 1100mm wide as standard, allowing for maximum room within.

Distinctive with a 2-head pole set up and zippered window, the Megadome design provides excellent night sky viewing. The ventilation baffle at the foot, zip down head dome wall and full-length zip on the storm cover, allows for maximum airflow on warmer nights. The Megadome King Single Dome Swag is ready to hold up to any conditions camping, 4x4 touring, fishing & hunting this swag is tough all-round.



  • Wax coated Max-Treme® 16oz ripstop canvas
  • 2-head pole set up with zippered window
  • Zip down head dome wall
  • Full-length zip on storm cove
  • Toe ventilation baffle
  • Super-fine 125gsm mesh
  • Heavy duty laminated 600gsm PVC bucket floor
  • 70mm high-density covered foam mattress
  • No. 10 easy action zips
  • Premium American & Efird metric 25 cotton/poly corespun sewing thread
  • Anodized hi-tensile 8mm dia., 7001 alloy poles
  • Stainless Steel D Rings
  • Label of Authenticity with unique Serial No.
  • Lifetime Warranty (exclusions apply)


Model: 050801210
UPC/ISBN: 9315795724668

Dimensions: 215cm L x 110cm W x 80cm H

Packed Size: 113cm L x 29cm W x 30cm H

Weight: 12.5kg

Colour: Khaki

Mattress: 70mm high density foam mattress

Upper Material: 16oz Max-Treme® 100% cotton ripstop canvas

Floor Material: Heavy duty PVC bucket floor

We recommend that new Darche swags are thoroughly wet down before first use. This will ensure that your swag or tent performs well in wet weather by allowing the poly/cotton corespun thread and canvas to swell ensuring the take up of any potential leaks in the stitching.

  •     Do not use soap or detergents on the canvas.
  •     Do not store the product if wet, allow to dry first.
  •     To clean use a soft brush and cold water.
  •     Do not expose to petrol, oils or harsh chemicals.

Condensation is a natural occurrence in cold weather. In confined areas like swags and tents the body releases more moisture than the canvas can dispose of. To minimise the chance of condensation, we recommend slightly opening the window of the swag or tent to enable airflow on cold nights.


The Darche Megadome Swag is covered by the Darche Lifetime Warranty (exclusions apply).

Reviews of Darche Megadome King Single Dome Swag

(5.0) based on 2 reviews.

Darche Megadome King Single Dome Swag

(5) By: on 16 October 2016
I replaced my swag of 21 years wil the same great quality. The Darche swag is a well made product with awesome festures and delivered in the time frame specified

Darche Megadome King Single Dome Swag

(5) By: on 17 April 2016
You get what you pay for in this case. The canvas is the toughest stuff I've ever seen, the floor is super heavy PVC (tautliner) and while it's not exactly light or compact, it certainly is built to take some serious outdoor life. The super comfortable 70mm self-expanding foam mattress, means you no longer need your roll-up either - and it's great to rest on. You'll be out like a light in no time flat. The screen Mesh is very fine and keeps sandflies out (bonus!) and there is more than adequate ventilation. Zippers are smooth and easy to use, no snagging or grabbing. No condensation on the underside of the roof in the morning either... Proofing requirements were minimal - There were no proofing instructions included in the box, so after consulting Darche, I followed their recommended 'light' wet down with the hose to allow the stitching and seams to swell, then leave to air dry. No need for excessive wetting down or soaking. The canvas is already proofed and water beads off it beautifully. Only one negative - the tension required on the guy ropes is what I would call very high. Sand is not going to be of any use unless you have a pair of old axles for tent pegs. find a tree base or tie down onto your 4x4 instead. Maintaining the tension is essential to prevent sagging in the centre, as there is no ridgepole or centre spar in this swag. The benefit of no centre pole or ridgepole is that you have the best and easiest access into and out of your swag and it's quicker/easier to roll up in the morning. The full length mesh screen is fantastic. I love it. There is also a smaller 'window' on the top between the spars on the head end, which is good for ventilation on colder nights as well. On those feral nights in the tropical north you'll be sleeping with the cover rolled all the way down and catching the wisps of a breeze while your friends all suffer the sweats. With the roof rolled up it's been effective and warm in near zero temperatures for me this year already, so I've been very pleased with the purchase. Knowing it's also going to last me a lifetime also makes me a very happy camper indeed. You have to try one out to see just how good these things are. It's pretty much the best swag out there. Definitely 5 stars.

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