Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

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This is the smallest compressor driven fridge in the Dometic Waeco range, the CF11 has a capacity of 10.5L and is designed to fit nearly anywhere! Great for food and drinks on the go in the vehicle.


The smallest from the Dometic range, the Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge is incredibly lightweight to take anywhere! This portable and durable compressor cooler not only delivers a top cooling performance, it also has built-in battery protection to ensure your battery does not go flat and leave you stranded! With a comfortable shoulder strap and safety belt, the CF11 is easy to transport anywhere you need to go. The slim design allows it to easily fit into small spaces and has an extremely low power draw, it also has two cup holders and an interior light. The refrigeration and deep-freezing function of the unit is incredibly powerful, and the unit features two cup holders to store cans on the go! The CF11 runs from your vehicle's cigarette socket which makes it perfect to keep your lunch cold on day trips!


  • Lightweight
  • Slim design to take anywhere
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • Built-in battery protection
  • Two cup holders
  • Secure fastening with safety belt
  • Shoulder strap
  • Interior LED light


Model: CF11
UPC/ISBN: 9331391008599

Dimensions: 54 x 35.8 x 23.5cm

Packed Dimensions: 57 x 37 x 26cm

Weight: 8.5kg

Gross Volume11 Litres

Storage Volume: 10.5 Litres

Input Voltage: 100-240V AC / 12-24V DC

Rated Input Current (AC): 0.5-0.2A 100-240V

Rated Input Current (DC): 2.2A - 12V / 1.3A - 24V

Rated Input Power (AC): 30 W

Rated Input Power (DC): 27W

Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Refrigerant Type: R134a - Contains Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases

GWP: 1430


Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year Full Warranty + Additional 1 Year (Parts Only) Compressor

Reviews of Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

(4.8) based on 25 reviews.

Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

(5) By: Paull & Warner Body Builders on 8 January 2019
Great customer service, arrived in time. Great product

Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

(5) By: Kym on 28 December 2018
Fast Delivery. Very happy with the fridge. Cools really quickly and great when travelling.

Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

(5) John Doe30 October 2018

Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

(5) By: Alexander Francis on 7 October 2018
Great product

Dometic Waeco CF11 Fridge

(2) By: Michael Sanders on 24 May 2018
This fridge is compact, lightweight thats the pros. For me the cons were, the compressor runs most of the day on hot days, so as a result the fridge was using over 50 amp hours over a 24hour period(ouch!!) It also struggled to stay at the set temperature. On two occasions the compressor stopped working, after turning the fridge on and off it kicked back in, but the internal temperature got up to 24°c before I came to my attention. Fine for keeping drinks cold while on the road, but I wouldnt rely on it.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseThanks for your review! I think I can help you with getting more from your fridge, and addressing some of your complaints you had with it! Lots and lots of truckers use these fridges daily on their long haul trips, and they are very effective. This fridge will only ever turn off if it's not able to vent adequately causing it to overhead. Check that your fridge has plenty of space to breath around its ventilation points, and that nothing can fall in its way. This is nearly always the reason why fridges shut down, is due to foreign objects preventing them from being able to breath. However, further to this always try to park in the shade and crack a window if you must park in the sun. The biggest tip other than that is to always try to keep your fridge totally full. Just fill it with bottles of water, and take them out if you want to put something else in. The key benefit is that solids, such as water hold temperature much better than air does. So this will make your fridge run much more efficiently. I am confident if you try these things you'll totally love your little fridge. I've never met anyone who doesnt once they know how to use them to their best. If you're still having troubles, please give us call and we'll happily help you diagnose the issue. I hope you've found this helpful. Kind Regards & Happy Camping~ Tentworld team.

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