Engel MT60 60L 57L MT80 80L 75L Fridge Slide

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Suits all Engel 60 litre and 80 Litre Chest Fridge /Freezer


The Engel 60L/80L Fridge Slide is a convenient and practical accessory designed to enhance your camping or outdoor experience. This fridge slide is specifically tailored to fit Engel fridges with a capacity of 60 litres or 80 litres, providing a secure and accessible storage solution for your refrigerated goods. The fridge slide allows you to effortlessly slide your Engel fridge out of your vehicle or storage area, providing convenient access to your food and beverages. This eliminates the need for reaching or bending over to retrieve items, making it more convenient and efficient.

The Engel fridge slide is constructed with robust materials, such as high-quality steel, to ensure long-lasting durability and reliability. It is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures and can endure the bumps, vibrations, and general wear and tear associated with off-road travel. The fridge slide is designed for easy installation and removal, allowing you to set up and pack up your camping gear efficiently. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions, making the installation process straightforward.

The Engel 60L/80L Fridge Slide offers a range of benefits, including easy access, secure storage, space optimization, durability, versatility, quick installation, and additional storage capabilities. It is a practical accessory that enhances your outdoor adventures by providing a reliable and convenient solution for safely transporting and accessing your Engel fridge.


  • Suits all Engel 60 litre and 80 Litre Chest Fridge /Freezer
  • Steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Can also be used to store tool boxes, ice boxes and cookers


Model: 560SLIDE
UPC/ISBN: 9334660000218

Internal Dimensions 815 x 490 x 20 mm
External Dimensions 900 x 610 x 77 mm
Extension Distance 690 mm
Net Weight 16.5 kg
Compatible with 560 / MT60F / MT-V60F / MT60FC / MT80F / MT80FC



12-month manufacturer's warranty against defects and workmanship

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