Equip Debugger Concentrate

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The Equip DeBugger enables you to treat any material with permethrin. If you require maximum insect protection, you require this product! Suitable for treating clothing, nets, bed sheets etc.

Permethrin is an insecticide that kills mosquitoes and other insects when they come in contact with materials have been impregnated with the substance.

This concentration pack contains 20mL of Permethrin.

  Item to be Treated   Quantity of Permethrin   Quantity of Water
  Nylon Mosquito Net
  (up to 20m2 in size)
20mL 500mL
  Cotton Sheet
  (up to 10m2 in size)
20mL 1.25 Litres
  Cotton T-Shirt
  (up to 4 at a time)
10mL 4 Litres



Model: B1000
UPC/ISBN: 9339795000393

Size: 20mL

Reviews of Equip Debugger Concentrate

(5.0) based on 2 reviews.

Equip Debugger Concentrate

(5) By: on 4 April 2019
I am super allergic to bug bites. I found by soaking my clothes in debugger keep the biting insects away. It doesn't stain or smells. Have used it do far in Vietnam and Cambodia

Equip Debugger Concentrate

(5) By: on 8 January 2018
Preparing for wildlife shoots and travelling and camping anywhere I am likely to meet with nasties, like malaria and dengue fever carrying mosquitoes, or the human bot fly in South America I turn to Equip, to protect and keep me safe from insect bites! Even here in Australia, Ross River Fever and tick born parasitic disease has been suspected. I douse the contents of my pack, including my clothes, bedding, hat, and even day pack and camera bags in Equip. Combined with Mosiguard, insect repellent, I have, to date remained free of any nasty parasitic diseases, despite travelling to environments that truly test all of the manufacturers claims. These include rainforests around the world, the Rift Valley in Africa, as well as insect harbouring environments around Australia. I believe in preventative health and use Equip, to protect me, both in the field and, whilst I am sleeping! Funny how the most exciting opportunities to photograph animals and birds in the wild, usually coincides with the highest risk times for blood borne parasites, carried by mosquitoes and other insects! I have witnessed others getting bitten, when I remained free of insect bites, yet without Equip, coupled with MosiGuard on bare skin I usually am a mosquito magnet. Don't head in to high risk mosquito zones without first treating your gear with Equip. Highly recommended and easy to use, just follow the instructions on the pack! Don't leave it to the last minute, as the process takes an hour or so to put your gear through. It then all needs to dry. Think of its use as an extension of a one off, or very irregular hand washing, but using permethrin and with added protection from insect bites!

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