Gerber Prybrid-X OD Green Multi-Tool

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Seamlessly merging the functionalities of a replaceable hobby blade knife with those of a compact multi-tool!


True to its name, the Prybrid X stands as a remarkable hybrid tool, seamlessly merging the functionalities of a replaceable hobby blade knife with those of a compact multi-tool. Dispensing with the need for a dedicated sheath, this tool is ingeniously designed for pocket carry or convenient attachment to a keychain, ensuring immediate access to its arsenal of 8 versatile tools. With a dual-ended layout that harmonizes practicality, the Prybrid X emerges as your ultimate companion for swift tasks in various scenarios, whether at the workplace, campsite, or beyond.

We've all encountered those moments when a seemingly straightforward task turns into a challenge due to the absence of the right tool. Instead of allowing frustration to prevail, the Prybrid X is your solution. This compact marvel serves as a multitasking powerhouse – a pint-sized tool engineered to conquer your checklist, be it at home, during outdoor adventures, or within the realm of professional tasks.

Among the 8 tools thoughtfully incorporated, you'll discover a proficient pry bar, wire stripper, nail puller, small and medium flathead drivers, bottle opener, 550 cord wrap, and a swappable standard #11 blade. The dual-ended innovation masterfully combines the advantages of a replaceable hobby blade knife with the versatility of a compact multi-tool, positioning it as an indispensable item for everyday carry. Bid farewell to being outmatched by troublesome tasks; the Prybrid X ensures you're perpetually prepared to triumph over any challenge that comes your way.


  • Standard #11 blade
  • Pry bar
  • Wire stripper
  • Nail puller
  • Flathead driver med / small
  • Bottle opener
  • 550 cord wrap


Model: 31-003740
UPC/ISBN: 013658159129

Length  10.8cm
Width 2.2cm
Weight 82g



This product is covered by a 25 Year Limited Warranty

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