Happy Bowl Toilet Liners - 50 Pack

Makes keeping your portable toilet clean easy! No Skids

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Happy Bowl Toilet Liners - 50 Pack. Great for keeping your toilet sparkling clean. Easy to use with only a few simple steps. Keep some Happy Bowl liners in your RV or Motorhome. Biodegradable RV/Marine toilet bowl liners.


Happy Bowl toilet liners are a great help for keeping your portable toilet,  RV toilet and boat toilet clean with no fuss,  no brush.  

Normally at home you'd have a toilet brush near by,  when camping it's not really practical to take such an item.  This can mean that you're cleaning the toilet with your hands and toilet paper.  Not an enjoyable experience,  and can ruin what would otherwise be a nice toilet experience.

If you match up your portable,  chemical camping toilet with a Happy Bowl Toilet liner using your toilet is much easier.  Turning your portable toilet experience to as good as it as at home.

How to use:

Place 1 toilet liner over the bottom of your toilet bowl.  Keep the trap door shut.
Do what you need to on the toilet (with the trap door shut).
Flush water
Open trap door.
Job done!  No mess.

A word from Ron,  the inventor of Happy Bowl Toilet Liners.

My name is Ron and I have been a volunteer for the National Park Service for many years. After years of tent camping we moved on to an RV. Boy, it was so nice to be able to "go" at night without trekking through the woods! The trouble was that no matter how careful I was, I always had to spend time using the toilet brush.

"Darn," I thought, "there must be a better way." I talked to friends who had much more RVing experience than I and they told me... "run water in before you go... line the bowl with paper." Well after getting splash back, on you know where, from the first idea, and a jammed valve trying the second, I decided to find a better way.

It took me nearly three years of experimenting and lots of testing in private! Finally I found the answer. I made a cone out of a special paper that worked perfectly for the RV, I placed it in the bowl and all my problems flushed clean away! Not only was the bowl always clean, but only clean paper ever touched the valve. So no more jammed or fouled valves either!

When my honey first tried the Happy Bowl she yelled:
"Wow! Why didnt anyone think of this before? You have a winner."

Once you try them I am so sure that you will agree with her. If youre not absolutely delighted, just mail back the remaining Happy Bowl Liners and I will refund your cost including the postage.

Best wishes,



  • Easy to use
  • No need for a brush
  • Keeps your toilet sparkling clean


Model: 850-04102
UPC/ISBN: 94922897527

Pack: 50

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