Hema 3001 Things To See and Do Around Australia Spiral Book

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This guidebook is the perfect accompaniment to Hema's Where to Camp guide which has all the best camping accommodation spots!.


There are thousands of activities in Hema’s first edition of 3001 things to see & do around Australia. Compiled by Explorer James Allen, this book makes it easy to plan your activities and routes, thanks to the use of activity icons combined with Hema’s award-winning cartography. The activities have been combined into the following 3 types; Indigenous where there is an indigenous experiences, indigenous art or indigenous history Natural Wonders which is purely nature with no or limited influence by humans eg: geology, fossils, forrests, waterfalls, coral reefs, beaches, animals and sunsets Man Made Landmarks where there is a man made component to that thing to see or do eg: classic drives, museums, botanical gardens, lighthouses and historic monuments.


• 3001 indexed activities/landmarks, split into Indigenous, Natural Landmarks or Man Made Landmarks
• Site information and facilities
• 180 pages of maps showing site locations
• Intuitive, easy to use design


Model: 9781922668219
UPC/ISBN: 9781922668219

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