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Wherever you can take an LPG bottle, you can take the HOTTAP. It’s the world’s smallest water heater in its class. And enjoying a HOTTAP shower is as easy as flipping a switch.


With HOTTAP, you're connected in seconds without any professional help. Connect water in. Connect water out. Connect gas. Done. With colour-coded snap-on fittings, you simply cannot go wrong. No launch sequence required. Simply flick the switch on the shower handle, and the hot water starts flowing. Flick it again - yes, that's right; the water turns off. Our engineers have done away with delicate technology such as fan-forced combustion and inbuilt pumps and batteries. The only moving part has been tested to 15,000 cycles, or 41 years of daily showers.

HOTTAP gives you a water flow of up to 6L/min, which is to be compared to the maximum of less than 4.5L/min of weaker all-in-one designs. Choose your temperature by adjusting the gas and water controls. What's more, the Joolca shower rose features three spraypattern settings. These include a pressure nozzle, allowing you to easily rinse out shampoo or wash off greasy pans. The backlit LED display will show you the exact degrees of hot water, useful for setting your shower temperature and safely washing your pets. The built-in battery indicator will let you know in advance if the d-cell batteries are running low. The extra length will come in handy. Fitted with a color- coded, snap-on fitting - you can rely on having years of use even in the harsh Aussie sunlight and easy setup without risking any pesky leaks.

The world's smallest LPG water heater in its class, the HOTTAP weighs only 4.5kg - about as much as two large bottles of milk. Featuring a convenient carry handle and optional mounting brackets, you easily set it up anywhere you set down your gas cylinder. Why buy expensive disposable LPG bottles with limited use? Just connect your HOTTAP to your main BBQ or camping kitchen LPG bottle, and you can shower till the cows come home, go out and come home again (a standard 9kg gas bottle will provide 15 hours of showers at maximum heat; don't blame us for raisin fingers).

Forget fragile inbuilt pumps; the durable HOTTAP accepts water from any source, be it a garden hose, low-voltage pump or header tank. If you don't have access to tap water, select the HOTTAP OUTING package, which includes our rugged FLOTAP 12V pump, intake hoses and power connections.


Model: JCA11001
UPC/ISBN: 9350063000013

  • 43 x 29.5 x 16.5 cm, 4.3 Kg
  • Max water pressure - 900 kPa
  • Flow Rate - 4-6 L/min
  • Max temperature - 50°C
  • Water fittings - 1/2"Male BSP
  • 1.2 m Gas hose
  • 5 m shower hose


2 year manufacturer's warranty

Reviews of Joolca Hottap

(3.7) based on 6 reviews.

Joolca Hottap

(5) By: Steve on 10 April 2019
Great compact unit, fits neatly packed in with our camping gear.. Works well at home after the beach and spoiling our shih tzu with warm baths now ....Can’t wait to really give it a workout on our next camp trip

Joolca Hottap

(1) By: Peta on 22 December 2018
Do NOT BUY this product!!! This is not a reflection on the awesome people at Tentworld, just this very, very bad product. I have had nothing but trouble from the start with this; I contacted the manufacturers from the very first time I used it with no avail. I kept getting told I must have been doing something wrong. I read the instructions, watched the videos - it didn't help. After over 12 months battling this thing and having it work intermittently; tonight the hottap caught fire. Thank god my husband was sitting on a camp chair waiting or I would have been blown up. Please be very careful or steer clear from this product.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseWow, glad to hear you're OK! Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your Joolca Hottap. We are proud retailers of the Joolca Hottap and many many of our customers love them - if we thought they were dangerous, we would stop selling them. It seems like something is going wrong with your individual unit. Please be sure to keep the product so that Joolca can inspect the problem to understand what went wrong. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Joolca Hottap

(5) By: Rodney Armstrong on 16 October 2018
Great product using for dog washers and warm up after pool swim ,can recommend easy to setup and have mounted on the outside house wall ready all the time for connecting to the gas and water.

Joolca Hottap

(3) By: Paul on 5 April 2018
Provides nice hot water at decent flow depending on input temperatures. My only issue is the flame blows out easily in windy conditions and doesn’t automatically reignite. Also would be good if it came with some kind of stand to attach to when camping. I just use a star pocket with home made bracket but not everyone can do this

Joolca Hottap

(3) By: Richard cutlan on 2 October 2017
Great service from Tentworld. Disappointed with product though. Only and important complaint is that it will only heat to desired temperature at near lowest water flow. I estimate this to be about 2.5 litres per min. It does not have the btu’s needed to heat a larger flow of water. Having said that the product will still be useful to me and I will just have to accept this limitation.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseThanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. We agree that when the incoming water is particularly cold, the only way to reach hot temperatures is by reducing the water flow right down. Increasing the BTUs of the burners would help but is unfortunately not an option. The BTU rating on HOTTAP is limited by what is allowed by the Australian Gas Standards dealing with portable gas appliances. HOTTAP is already configured to the maximum gas consumption that is allowed, so, unfortunately, there is not much that Joolca can do about this (nor can any other supplier of the portable water heater) unless the standards change.

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