Liquid Patch Puncture Repair - 500ml

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Nothing puts a damper on a trip more than a flat tyre. Liquid patch is a revolutionary repair solution that will patch a puncture from the inside out. Escaping air caused by the tyre being punctured draws the sealant to be exposed to air outside the tyre causing it to dry and become a permanent seal.

Directions for Use:

  1. Pull up top to expose filler tube, remove cap and valve core remover tool
  2. Deflate tyre by removing valve core with cap/core remover tool
  3. Rotate tyre to position valve stem at 4 or 8 o'clock
  4. Position filler tube over valve stem and slowly squeeze required amount of Liquid Patch into tyre
  5. Replace valve core using cap core tool and inflate tyre to recommended pressure
  6. To achieve maximum results using Liquid Patch, we recommend you rotate wheel several times after installation


  • Protect the tread area of your tyre against puncturing objects up to 6mm in diametre
  • Instantly seals most punctures to the tread area
  • Easily installed and long lasting
  • Reduces down-time and costly repairs
  • Suitable for tubed and tubeless tyres
  • Suitable for cars, 4WDs, trucks, trailers, push bikes, motorbikes, caravans, farm equipment and many other tyres


Model: LP500
UPC/ISBN: 9331888000013

Volume: 500ml

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