Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

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Created in 1980 and manufactured in Savoi ever since - the classic knife of Savoi is what made OPINEL famous worldwide.


Featuring a high carbon steel blade in its classic YATAGAN shape and a handle of varnished beech wood giving the knife its classic looks and ergonomic feel.

Showing it is a true classic, the OPINEL is sold in over 70 countries worldwide. OPINEL have perfected the hardening and tempering process used to produce these unique knives.

Since 1890, The Originals collection included 12 sizes, numbered from 1-12. Today, number 1 and 11 are no longer produced. The fabrication of the No. 1 stopped in 1932. With its 2cm blade and its box wood handle, it was meant to be attached to a key fob or watch chain and used as a pipe cleaner, nail cleaner... As for the No.11, it was taken out of the range in 1935, its size being considered too similar to the other large knives.

The main features of the carbon steel are its exceptional cutting quality and very easy sharpening. To protect the blade against rust, the blade must be wiped clean of fingerprints and washed and dried after each use.

This Opinel No12 folder has a high carbon steel blade and beech wood handle. The Opinel Virobloc or safety twistlock mechanism, increases the safety and versatility of the knife by allowing the blade to be locked in the open or closed position.

Keep this Opinel folding knife to hand during all your adventures: hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. It is the ideal companion for your excursions into the great outdoors.



  • Unique Yatagan shaped blade
  • Virobloc double safety ring
  • Exclusive shaped Beach Wood Handle
  • High Carbon Steel blade


Model: 113120
UPC/ISBN: 3123841131201

Blade: High Carbon Steel in Unique Yatagan Style

Handle: Exclusive shaped Beech Wood Handle

Blade Size: 12cm

Safety: Double safety ring VIROBLOC


12 months manufacturers warranty.

Reviews of Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

(4.8) based on 8 reviews.

Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

(5) By: Loarn Wilson on 13 July 2018
I just love these Opinel knifes they are easy to sharpen and keep there edge for a long time. I have had pocket knifes in the past that cost 4 to 5 times more than the Opinel but to be honest i would never spend that much again especially when the Opinel does the job better than the more expensive brands. Like some people say if the Opinel business has been going for as long as they have then that is testimony to the products they make.

Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

(5) By: Tony on 4 June 2018
This is a big Opinel. Super slicey, I use it in the kitchen where it outperforms all my other kitchen knives on most tasks. The thin blade stock is the key I think. I like carbon steel but I imagine the Sandvik stainless would be a good option too. I just wipe the blade down with some olive oil after a quick clean. You can fold it and chuck it in a drawer, thus protecting the edge. And it would make an ideal food prep blade around the campsite. The steel is easy to sharpen should you need to. Edge holds up well but I’m not cutting abrasive things with it. Everyone should have an Opinel. Start with a 7 or 8 and go from there. Tent world had it in stock and the price was great. It was delivered fast for a reasonable fee. Highly recommended.

Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

(5) By: Charlie on 7 January 2018
My father owned one of these knives and I like him have recognised the significant quality of this product. I have no hesitation giving this knife my highest recommendation.

Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

(4) By: Kevin Harris on 16 November 2017
I am very pleased with product and hope to be able do more business with you in the near future , thanks.

Opinel No12 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

(5) By: Matt Williams on 18 September 2017
These knives are an excellent. I discovered them while touring France, but didn't want to lose them, as the are around 70 years old. I you never know just how often you're going to use on until you have one with all the time. This particular one is large and not really a pocket knife. Tentworld have by far the price for these knives that I have seen.

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