Opinel No4 Folding Knife - Carbon Steel

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Created in 1980 and manufactured in Savoi ever since - the classic knife of Savoi is what has made OPINEL famous worldwide.


Featuring a high carbon steel blade in its classic YATAGAN shape and a handle of varnished beech wood giving the knife its classic looks and ergonomic feel.

Showing it is a true classic, the OPINEL is sold in over 70 countries worldwide. OPINEL have perfected the hardening and tempering process used to produce these unique knives.

Since 1890, The Originals collection included 12 sizes, numbered from 1-12. Today, number 1 and 11 are no longer produced. The fabrication of the No. 1 stopped in 1932. With its 2cm blade and its box wood handle, it was meant to be attached to a key fob or watch chain and used as a pipe cleaner, nail cleaner... As for the No.11, it was taken out of the range in 1935, its size being considered too similar to the other large knives.

The main features of the carbon steel are its exceptional cutting quality and very easy sharpening. To protect the blade against rust, the blade must be wiped clean of fingerprints and washed and dried after each use.

This Opinel No4 folder has a high carbon steel blade and beech wood handle. The non-locking blade uses the friction of the clamping band against the compressed handle and knife tang to hold the blade open. The traditional Opinel pocket knife is lightweight and inexpensive while displaying simple sophistication. This small knife is commonly used to perform small tasks such as opening letters or cutting papers.



  • Unique Yatagan shaped blade
  • Exclusive shaped Beach Wood Handle
  • High Carbon Steel blade


Model: YO111040
UPC/ISBN: 3123841110404

Blade High Carbon Steel in Unique Yatagan Style
Handle Exclusive shaped Beech Wood Handle
Blade Size 5 cm
Safety There is no safety ring on this knife.  Please look to No6 or higher.

* Note:  Carbon steel is extremely hard, ensuring a long-lasting, excellent cutting blade that's easy to regrind.  HOWEVER,  Carbon can corrode easily.  We advise you to avoid damp locations and to wipe grease on the blade after use.


12 months manufacturers warranty.

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