Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

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Take it fishing, camping or use it in your own backyard or patio. The Ozpig Series II is great when entertaining outdoors. Relax and enjoy the warmth of an open fire in safety while you boil the billy and cook up a feast.


The Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II is perfect to take on your next camping trip and for at home! Designed to work with the door open, the Ozpig provides you with a great way to enjoy the warmth and cooking features of an open fire without having to use the same amount of timber. The Ozpig - Series II is a safe unit, the wood fire heating is also contained. Perfect for BBQ, wok cooking, camp oven cooking, rotisserie cooking (using the Ozpig Rotisserie Kit - sold separately) and grill cooking, the Ozpig is very efficient with wood consumption!

This portable stove is great for outdoor entertaining and provides an excellent centrepiece for everyone to gather around at your campsite. You can relax and enjoy the warmth of an open fire in safety while you boil the billy or kettle and cook up a feast for your friends and family. The Ozpig - Series II is incredibly portable, with the legs and chimney fitting into the belly of your Ozpig - Series II, it is easy to collapse down and transport!

The Ozpig was originally made here in Australia, though once volume production became too high, manufacturing was shifted overseas. To this day, the Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II is still owned by the original founding family and continues to bring happiness to many.

The Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II comes with the steel cooker body, a customised carry bag for quick transport and storage, 1 x BBQ plates, 4 x zinc coated legs, 3 x chimney sections, a spark arrestor, a multi-purpose tool (wood poker and plate lift handle), a mesh floor fire grate, and an instruction manual. The Series 2 now includes the extension legs and large warming plate standard.



  • 1 x Ozpig Steel Cooker Body
  • 1 x Customised Carry Bag
  • 1 x BBQ Plates
  • 1 x Large Warming Tray
  • 4 x Zinc Coated Legs
  • 4 x Extension Legs
  • 3 x Chimney Sections
  • 1 x Spark Arrestor
  • 1 x Multi-Purpose Tool (wood poker and plate lift handle)
  • 1 x Mesh Floor Fire Grate
  • 1 x Comprehensive Instruction Manual


Model: OZP001-02
UPC/ISBN: 9345764000820

Dimensions w/Extensions Legs: 58cm W x 150cm H x 53cm D

Dimensions w/Standard Legs: 41cm W x 135cm H x 41cm D

Packed Dimensions: 42cm × 37cm × 41cm

Weight: 20.6kg

Cooker Body Dimensions: 32cm W x 34cm H x 40cm D

Chimney Section Dimensions: 29.7cm x 5.8cm Ø

Door Dimensions: 26cm Ø

Top Opening Dimensions: 21cm Ø

Large Warming Plate Dimensions: 34cm x 25.5cm

Cooking Plate Dimensions: 26cm Ø

Cooking Height from Ground w/Extensions Legs: 70.5cm

Cooking Height from Ground w/Standard Legs: 55cm 

Cooker Body Base from Ground w/Extensions Legs: 37cm

Cooker Body Base from Ground w/Standard Legs: 22cm

Chimney Height from Cooker Body: 84cm

Mesh Floor Fire Grate Dimensions: 24.5cm x 18cm



The Ozpig Portable Wood Stove is covered by the Ozpig 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty

Reviews of Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

(4.9) based on 21 reviews.

Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

(3) By: Kim Edwards on 6 August 2019
Very hard to keep a fire going when the top plate is on. The fire dies out. Even with the front door open. Needs more ventilation to keep a fire going. Will probably use heat beads to cook with .

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseSorry to hear you're having trouble with your Ozpig. It does burn nicely with the top plate on, but there are a few traps that we've seen our customers fall in with it. The first, is the timber size. The maximum size recommended in the Ozpig is 5cm thick and 28cm long. Thinner is better still, particularly whilst you're building up the fire & coals. Regarding the timber, ensure it's always quality hardwood too - you can usually grab bags of it from your local service station etc. Similarly, with the door - the new Series II door is a ventilated door, but opening the door totally will maximise ventilation and be more helpful particularly when you're wanting to build the fire up & the coals. Once you've achieved a nice stable fire, you can close the door on the new Series II Ozpig with the Vented door and this will control the burn a bit more. I hope this helps & happy Ozpigging! Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

(4) By: Pat on 3 June 2019
Fantastic portable contained fireplace and cooking area. Fabulous range of accessories and perfect for national parks, camping The only negative is the weight. Love it

Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

(5) By: Eddie on 25 January 2019
This is The Best. I have Burnt the pig in to harden the paint, however days too hot to cook anything. I am fanging to give it a go. It is built to enjoy...I can see the quality and the capabilities.. Come on Autum..

Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

(5) By: Ray Harrower on 27 February 2018
Every thing looks great

Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - Series II

(5) By: Brian on 21 December 2017
The quality of the Ozpig is outstanding. Every aspect of the Ozpig says built with pride. Great value for money.

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