OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

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The OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent is perfect to take on your next family camping or outdoor adventure! Sleeping up to 12 people, this tent is great for a large family or for those wanting some extra room.


The OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent is perfect to take on your next family camping or outdoor holiday. Sleeping up to 12 people, this family camping tent has a 2-room design that can be turned into three rooms by using the included removable hanging room-divider, making it ideal for all-weather family camping trips. This tent provides plenty of head and shoulder room as well as large gusseted windows so you and your family will feel comfortable at all times. The extended large front-awning is great for cooking and shelter from the elements, and can be added to by using the 3-in-1 sunroom and vinyl floor (sold separately).

This Canvas Cabin Tent is made from SatProof Canvas, a blended cotton canvas that is used in a variety of material weights depending on the design requirements. The SatProof Canvas creates a waterproof canvas that minimises condensation build up, while the structure of cotton allows water vapour molecules to pass through and at the same time provides a barrier to water droplets, creating great ventilation. The roof fabric of your OZtrail Canvas Cabin is rolled under pressure to accept a silver coating that blocks out more than 98% of UV radiation and heat; the technology used in this protective coating has been developed to provide a level of finish never before seen in a canvas product. The anti-mildew waterproofing agent is saturated throughout the canvas before manufacture in order to provide a waterproof barrier even after wear and tear.

Conditioning Your Canvas
It is vitally important that you season your canvas when it's new and also after long periods of storage so it can give the best possible performance. Simply pitch your tent or swag and wet it down with a garden hose. This enables the stitching holes to shrink around the thread of the stitch lines and the cotton in the canvas to swell. Let the canvas dry completely before repeating this two or three times.

Tips and Traditional First-Aid for Canvas Products
Even though you may have seasoned your canvas, sometimes you can miss a spot or a seam. An age-old remedy if this happens: carry a clear wax candle with you when you go camping. If you notice a seam that has not been seasoned properly, simply rub the candle on the exterior of the stitch line. This will create a waterproof barrier quickly and easily. If cared for correctly, your OZtrail Canvas Cabin Tent will still be around for the next generation of campers to enjoy.


  • Tough and reliable Ripstop SatProof 600+ Canvas walls
  • Longer lasting silver coated SatProof 800+ Canvas sun tough roof that reflects heat
  • Puncture resistant vinyl flooring
  • Water-lock roof-to-wall seams
  • Heavy gauge galvanised poles and reinforced corner pegs
  • Extended front awning with optional 3-in-1 draft-block sunroom and/or vinyl floor (sold separately)
  • Your choice of 2 or 3 rooms with a removable hanging room divider included
  • Excellent ventilation with large windows and doors
  • Large side shade awnings zip close over doors for added weather security
  • Sturdy no.10 coil zips for easy access
  • DuoDoor allows single zip entry through mesh and canvas doors
  • Powerport zippered inlet with lead locators to central light position
  • No-See-Um mesh for total insect control
  • Convenient lantern loop and full height storage organiser
  • Complete with carry bag, pegs, ropes and awning poles


Model: CTC-1215-D
UPC/ISBN: 9320531032860

Colour: Blue / Beige

Sleeps: Up to 12 adults in comfort

Canvas: Walls: 340gsm SatProof 600+ Ripstop Canvas. Roof: 340gsm SatProof 800+ silver-impregnated canvas for superior waterproofing, anti-mould and UV protection

Floor: Heavyweight 470gsm PVC vinyl. Invisible Bucket Floor ensures floor/wall junction is elevated away from water. Water-Block floor seams allow for a watertight floor and stronger peg points

Door: Double DuoDoor - combines mesh and canvas zippered panels allowing effortless access by operating a single zip. Easy Step D Door;  oversize D-shaped door for easy access to the interior with lower sills to minimise tripping

Mesh Windows: No-See-Um, Ultra-Fine mesh panels for total insect protection while allowing plenty of ventilation

Environmental Control: Large No-See-Um mesh windows and Duo Door allowing you to open door or window independently with easy single zip access.Water Lock roof to wall seams - an inverted seam system which makes the water run off rather than collect and pond in the seam. Two large side awnings for extra cover/ventilation

Zips: #8 Coil zips for windows, #10 Coil zips for door

Climate Rating: 4 Season

Pole System: Heavy gauge galvanised Steel Poles and 2 x Side Awning Poles provided so you can raise side awning flap

Pegs & Guy Ropes: Pre-attached guy ropes and sturdy pegs included.All peg points use a stainless steel D ring, and the main peg points are sand peg compatible

12V Ready: Lantern loop to hang lights/accessories powercord guides

Storage Solutions: Removable multi-pocket canvas organiser

Awning: Large awning that can be converted into a fully enclosed sunroom with floor using the optional 3-in-1 Sunroom kit (sold separately). Draft-Block system with full length Velcro® strips allowing additional sunroom walls and floor to be added to the front awning (optional, sold separately)

Commune Awning: Ready for the Commune Awning that allows you to join the awnings of two OZtrail Canvas Tents together in order to create a huge double size communal living space. Compatible with 10x8, 12x9, 12x15 OZtrail Canvas Cabin Tents. Compatible with Camper6 & Camper7 Camper Trailer Tents when the optional Canvas Commune Panel (sold separately) is used

Sunroom: Optional 3-in-1 Sunroom (sold separately) with heavy duty PVC floor turns your awning into another room

Dimensions: Tent floor area: 360 x 450cm. Tent head height: 220cm. Awning: 240 x 240cm

Weight: 73kg

Pack Size: Tent: 116 x 37 x 32cm. Poles: 112 x 18 x 28cm

Carry Bag: To suit tent and poles included


The OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent is covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty against defects of material or manufacture.

Reviews of OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

(4.7) based on 6 reviews.

OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

(4) By: Michael Todd on 5 August 2019
we decided to buy a canvas cabin tent because we have tried a few dome tents in the past and then my wife saw our friends 12x15 canvas cabin. We did our homework and spotted a similar one made by oztrail with $850 off the rrp , it only took 2 days to arrive . Dont get me wrong, it is a very heavy tent (73kg) and a bit daunting at 1st when we went to set it up in the back garden to condition it. The build quality is great and look forward to going camping in comfort for many years to come. If there is only 1 con , is the fact i cannot find any videos about the set up on tentworld or even youtube etc etc which would be helpful to some people including me lol.

OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

(4) By: Susan on 13 April 2019
Purchased the 12x15 happy so far. Plenty of room for us and 6ft teenage sons. Frame and canvas very heavy but many hands make light work. Very disappointed with the delivery process, poles and canvas do not arrive together and Toll lost canvas for two days. So don’t go by delivery days estimate.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseThanks for your review, glad to hear you're pleased with your new 12x15 cabin tent! Regarding the delivery, thank you for this feedback. Sorry you didnt find it too enjoyable. Please be assured, we did send the two items at the same time. Unfortunately, we have found with larger items in the same shipment it is not too unusual for them to be delivered separately. This is because they cannot travel down the conveyor belts that are in the warehouses, and must be shifted manually. This does seem to mean that the parcels end up being separated prior to delivery sometimes. We've spoken to Toll about it, but there is little they're able to do about this. Unfortunately, our delivery partner options for a product like this are very limited. The likes of AusPost etc simply refuse parcels this large as their systems cannot handle the size. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

(5) By: Claire on 2 January 2019
We love our 12x15 cabin tent. After the first time of setting it up, it just gets quicker - around 30-45 minutes. The quality of the product is amazing. Plenty of room inside - we use some the back room for a queen bed & clothes etc - the middle room for a single bed and lounge room & the sun room as a kitchen. We also purchased the additional sunroom - we are really glad we did. Just gives you a little more space. We also had a gazebo. We used this for 10 nights camping & can't wait to use it again. We had wind & rain & didn't notice anything. A well made tent of quality product, strong structure & fantastic on space. Have recommended to our friends. We can't wait to use this over & over again! Plus great quick prompt service for delivery! You won't regret this purchase!

OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

(5) By: kerry stockwell on 30 September 2017
thank you it was what I was after

OZtrail 12x15 Canvas Cabin Tent

(5) By: Anne jeremy on 3 August 2017
Actually I was looking at this site for something else (part) for my family's 'Oztrail' 12 X 15 canvas cabin tent, and thought why not give a review about this tent if it helps any would be purchasers. Firstly, we have proudly owned our tent since 2007, having at the time gone for a tent, because it served as an affordable way of getting into the outdoor camping scene. We have thus enjoyed much usage over the years, camping on the beach; in the bush etc. with Mum. Dad, and 6 kids! I think what has contributed so far to the tent's good longevity is that often when camping in a location for a few days, we put an additional tarp over our tent/campsite. This serves a few purposes, as better protecting our tent from the elements (although fine to use without - for quick stays, we haven't always put tarp up, and have never experienced any water/rain getting in!). The tarp (which we have lighter aluminium poles for specifically), also provides good outdoor livability /cooking cover. The tarp cover, which we allow an air gap in between it and tent, just better cools the inside of the tent in those hot summers. (just a thought!). Anyway, this very durable canvas tent, which over the years, we have also added a canvas sunroom to, is also well ventilated with generous big windows, fly-screened with strong mesh to keep the crawlies at their rightful distance. I also like it that you can fully stand up in this tent/move around with great ease. The two rooms of this tent can be separated/or opened with the internal zipped doors to create privacy when needed, or when opened, allow great flow of air through as warranted.. When cold, this tent for us provides a nice cosy feel, its added heavy steel pole construction giving good structural stability. On one occasion, we were suddenly faced with a serious enough storm coming at us, with lashing winds etc. My husband (a builder/draftsman) gave the tent some slack/almost semi- collasping it and our tarp, whilst we 'bedded down' securely inside, and we got through extremely well, as with the tent! I concede that putting up and down a tent like this can at first appear daunting, but once you do it a few times; & develop 'your' system, it becomes easy. Whilst poles dismantle, needed for them to be packed in their respective carry bag, the main ones (for a given section say), are also joined by an 'inside of pole' chain/cable, which keeps a section of poles together for easier organisation when erecting/dismantling the tent. (on this point, if an internal chain does break, it is easily fixed anyway, replacement cord easily available). Although we may be looking at eventually getting a caravan, we will always keep our Oztrail Canvas tent for situations where we can't easily take a van. Certainly, a good tent like this, is much cheaper for a family starting off in camping to acquire, saving money for other desired camping equipment e.g. 12 volt fridge, batteries, lighting, cooking gear; sleeping etc. Currently, I am looking at replacing one internal floor pole, (which has become squished in one section over time) & which Oztrail appear to stock as a spare parts product. (so that is handy to also know!). Anyway, I hope this review might help another in their purchase or not of this tent. For us, it was one of the best purchases we have ever made. Because of it, we have probably saved ourselves many 1000's of dollars in not having to go to expensive accommodation (there is a big difference even staying in caravan parks, between the cost of camping sites, and building accommodation!), plus the ability to go into national parks. Once you have this tent anyway, there is a great range now of comfortable sleeping/lighting options that can be added that ensures the tent feels like a second home, but one you can take anywhere! As a precaution, if the canvas becomes wet, and is packed away like this for a period of time, it will succumb to mold. (this is also where we have found the tarp handy, as if raining, we dismantle tent underneath the independently erected tarp, first!). Certainly, if canvas becomes wet, and you need to still pack it up, just re-erect it once home to allow it to fully dry out, before storing). On one occasion one part of our tent did acquire mold which I was though able to get out with the right products for this - just a pain though, plus I needed to weather proof it!) Sorry for my long review. Just hope it helps!

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseAwesome review! Thanks very much I know our customers will appreciate this! Happy Camping ~Jon @ Tentworld Team

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