Projecta Pro-Charge Automatic 12V 6 Stage Battery Charger - 16A

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Fully adjustable, the PC1600 is the ideal all-rounder for the home professional.


Fully adjustable, the PC1600 is the ideal all-rounder for the home professional. Projecta 6 Stage chargers are designed to only supply power to the battery clips when they are connected correctly to a battery. This is to prevent sparks during connection to the battery or if  connected incorrectly by mistake. This safety feature prevents the charger from being used as a ‘Power Supply'.

This is a fully automatic battery charger with 6 charge stages.Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged so you can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely. 6-stage charging is a sophisticated charging technique that gives your battery longer life and better performance compared to using traditional chargers. Projecta’s Pro-Charge chargers are suitable for most 12V automotive, marine and deep cycle batteries. They may also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.

The 6 charge stages are: Rejuvenation; Soft Start; Bulk; Absorption; Battery Test and Float.

The rejuvenation stage is manually initiated and delivers a 24 hour high frequency, intermittent charge that breaks down sulphation from the battery’s plates. Upon completion, the charger will proceed to Soft Start. Soft Start is a preliminary charge process that gently introduces power to the battery, protecting the battery and increasing battery life. The Bulk stage reduces charging time by charging the battery at the maximum rate (constant current) to a set voltage, at which point the battery is approximately 80% charged. The absorption stage charges the battery to 100% by adjusting the charge rate allowing the battery to absorb more power. Designed especially for calcium  batteries, this stage returns calcium batteries to full service by removing acid stratification of the electrolyte. The battery test stage is where the analysis mode tests the battery to ensure that it has taken the charge; if the battery passes the test the charger will proceed to the float stage. The Float stage maintains the battery at 100% charge without  overcharging or damaging the battery. This means the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely.

Ideal battery type: Starting / Calcium / Marine / Deep Cyle.



  • Calcium mode: Pro-Charge's Calcium mode adjusts the charging profile to suit calcium batteries for complete and proper charging. This charge mode is best suited to Calcium batteries that have been deeply discharged and require an equalisation to charge and restore a full electrolyte reading.
  • Rejuvenation Mode: Pro-Charge's Rejuvenation mode can restore tired batteries from breaking down sulphation and revitalising the battery cells, increasing battery life and performance.
  • Adjustable Charge Rate: The charger's output can be adjusted to suit the size of the battery for optimum charging.
  • Switchmode Technology: Using the latest technology in battery charges, switchmode charges convert 240V AC power to 12V DC power using electronic compenents unlike traditional battery chargers that rely on heavy transformers. This allows the charger to be lightweight and compact without sacrificing on performance.
  • Spark-Free and Polarity Protected: All Pro-Charge battery chargers are spark-free and are protected against accidental reverse connection making them safter to use around batteries.


Download the Projecta Pro-Charge Automatic 12V 6 Stage Battery Charger - 16A PDF Manual

Model: PC1600
UPC/ISBN: 9315219160010

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 229 x 137 x 86
Type 6 stage
Weight 1.5kg
Type 6 stage
Input 240VAC, 50Hz, 432W
Output 12V
Output Current 2, 4, 8, 16A
Minimum Start Voltage: 3.0V
Back Drain 1mA
Approvals Electrical safety, EMC
Blue Light On Bulk and absorption charging
Green Light On Fully charged and maintaining, no need to turn the charger off.
Amber Light On Rejuvenation process occurring
Red Light On Indicates faulty battery



Covered by Projecta's 12 month warranty against failures in materials and workmanship.

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