Companion Portable Power Pack - 44AH

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The Companion Portable Power Pack enables you to charge most 12V DC equipment, including portable fridges and lighting.


Remote camping for days or weeks at a time is the ultimate outdoor experience. Having a Companion Portable Power Pack on board will ensure that your 12V DC devices are on demand when required. Utilising various output sockets, the 44 amp hour Power Pack is capable of powering all your 12V DC equipment including lighting, a portable fridge, or mobile devices.

Although the Companion Portable Power Pack come standard with a 240V AC charger, you will be struggling to find a wall socket behind the dig tree. Coupling the 44 amp hour Portable Power Pack via the inbuilt 50A Anderson style socket to a Roman PWRGRID Solar Mat, you have an alternative recharging solution by harnessing the power of the sun, allowing you to go further and stay longer.

With the robust case and integrated handle, the Companion Portable Power Pack can be easily carried around the campsite, worksite, or home. With multiple charging options Via 240V AC, 12V DC adaptors which are included or alternatively directly from a solar panel (not included) the Portable Power Pack will deliver instant power wherever you need it.


  • Provides 5V and 12V DC power
  • Digital voltage and current (amp) meter
  • CIG, USB, Anderson, and Merit style power outlets for multiple charging options
  • Circuit breaker overload protection
  • Low battery warning system


Download the Companion Portable Power Pack - 44AH PDF Manual

Model: 522390
UPC/ISBN: 9318728002260

Output Voltage: 12V DC and 5V DC (USB)

Battery Type: 2 x 22Ah AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries


  • 1 x 12V DC 15A Cigarette lighter socket
  • 1 x 12V DC 15A Merit style socket
  • 1 x 5V DC 2A USB port
  • 1 x 12V DC Anderson style plug/socket

Overload Protection:

  • 2 x 15A circuit breakers
  • Low voltage warning system with LED indicator and audible alarm
  • Reset switch

Digital Display: Digital voltage and current (amperage) display

Charging Options:

  • 6A 240V AC adaptor (included)
  • 12V DC lead (included)
  • Solar panel via Anderson style plug/socket (solar panel not included)

Maximum Charging Current: 15A (via Anderson style plug)

Weight: 16 kg

Product Size: 31 x 26 x 22.5 cm

Reviews of Companion Portable Power Pack - 44AH

(4.0) based on 3 reviews.

Companion Portable Power Pack - 44AH

(5) By: on 9 January 2019
Awesome product. Goes two weeks running all devices and shower pump. Couldn't be happier

Companion Portable Power Pack - 44AH

(2) By: on 6 January 2018
I bought one of these but it wouldn't charge up fully so I took it back. I got a replacement and it worked for a day then all it's functions stopped LEDS would light, it wouldn't charge, the only thing that worked was its output. I took it back and got another replacement, by now it had changed its name from 'Primus' to 'Roman'. It worked fine for one camping trip but now for some reason it won't charge. I've had it charging for 3 days and it's still only showing 11.5 volts, and the 'Fully Charged' LED is still not lit. The instructions say it should be charged in 8-10 hours. Obviously I'm not convinced that this was a good idea!

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseThanks for your review! Sorry to hear you're having problems with this pack. What you've described sounds unusual. It sounds as though perhaps after your first camping trip, you did not charge it upon arriving home. It is very important with these types of batteries that you do fully recharge them as soon as you can, and try to avoid deeply discharging them. This drastically shortens their life. If you did store it flat, and then let it further discharge naturally whilst in storage. You may have discharged the battery so much that the built in charger could not recover it. Recovering from deeply discharged batteries can require specialist chargers, and larger chargers than what this unit has built into it. It would be worth putting a larger charger onto it, and using that to bring it back to full charge. If you're still having problems. Please get in contact with us so we can try help you further. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Companion Portable Power Pack - 44AH

(5) By: on 9 April 2017
Fantastic product works very well and the service from Tent World was great very fast to process and deliver. Sorry forgot to add they saved me money

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