Supa Peg Single Guy Rope - 6mm x 3.5m - Marquee Spring & Polycarbonate Runner

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This Supa-Peg Single Guy Rope features polycarbonate runners and heavy-duty marquee springs. Ideal for use on the corner and ridge rail positions of a tarp. 3.5m long with 6mm rope.


The Supa Peg Single Guy Rope is a durable and reliable accessory designed for use with tents, marquees, and other outdoor structures. This particular guy rope has a length of 3.5 meters and a diameter of 6mm, providing ample length and strength to secure your shelter in various weather conditions.

The guy rope features a combination of materials to enhance its performance. It includes a Marquee Spring, which provides flexibility and elasticity to absorb tension and minimize stress on the structure. This feature is particularly useful in windy conditions, as it allows the tent or marquee to move with the wind without causing damage.

Additionally, the Supa Peg Single Guy Rope is equipped with a Polycarbonate Runner. The runner is a sturdy and lightweight component that allows for easy adjustment and tensioning of the guy rope. It slides smoothly along the rope, enabling you to tighten or loosen it as needed to ensure a secure and stable setup.

The rope itself is made from durable materials to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. It is designed to be strong, resistant to stretching, and capable of withstanding tension and pressure. The 6mm diameter provides adequate strength while remaining lightweight and easy to handle.

Overall, the Supa Peg Single Guy Rope with a Marquee Spring and Polycarbonate Runner offers a convenient and efficient solution for securing your tents and marquees. Its combination of materials and features ensures durability, flexibility, and ease of use, allowing you to set up your outdoor shelter with confidence.



  • 6mm rope
  • Marine Grade Silver UV treated Polyethylene Rope
  • Set & Forget Polycarbonate Universal Rope Runner (Reg. Design)
  • Yellow Zinc Fittings
  • Includes Heavy Duty Marquee Spring
  • Made in Australia


UPC/ISBN: 9336448010983

Rope 6mm UV treated
Length 3.5m



This product is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. 

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