TAS 1301 Rucksack 60L - Auscam

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A dual compartment rucksack equipped to handle the harshest of environments.


The TAS 1301 Rucksack 60L is a dual compartment rucksack equipped to handle the harshest of environments. With plenty of webbing to secure attach items this tough rucksack won't let you down.

MOLLE compatible and featuring an adjustable ladder harness, the pack is well secured and made to fit the wearer thanks to the comfortable shoulder and waist straps.

Tough 900 denier fabric and a limited lifetime warranty ensure the pack is able to withstand whatever is thrown its way. 


  • Top compartment
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Adjustable ladder harness
  • Dual compartment
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 900 denier AUSCAM/ BLACK fabric
  • Accessory pockets compatible
  • Nylon buckles


Model: TAS-AUS-1301
UPC/ISBN: 9339071006736

Capacity: Approximately 60L
Dimensions (Full): 76cm (H); 35cm (W); 30cm (D)
Dimensions (Empty): 76cm (H); 42cm (W); 5cm (D)
Weight: 1.74kg


Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reviews of TAS 1301 Rucksack 60L - Auscam

(4.5) based on 2 reviews.

TAS 1301 Rucksack 60L - Auscam

(5) By: on 23 June 2019
Great product. My son loves it and it is a perfect size! Great price and fast shipping, very happy with all aspects of this online shopping experience! Highly recommend!

TAS 1301 Rucksack 60L - Auscam

(4) By: on 2 August 2018
I trek in rough terrain, off trails and through thick brush. I need tough, hard wearing gear for the tough environments I explore (the snowy mountains region mainly and below freezing). I also travel alone, and need to be self sufficient in case something goes wrong. I also do hike in mid summer, so temp range from about -7 overnight (winter) to +35. This is my go-to pack that is tough enough to handle whatever I can handle! I love it! The pack size (60L) is a little small to carry everything I need, but this is where the molle system comes into it's own. Molle also provides me with the flexibility to customise my gear according to the hike. I use it in conduction with several minimi pouches, bumbag if I'm likely to have a wet tent, 2L large water bottle for extra water capacity in mid summer. These all interchange easily. Pack height and width is great, it is rare that my gear snags on brush any more than I do (I'm a large build). Depth wise it is also great as pack weight can remain close to my body, but big enough to fit a full size hike airmat and -12 degree (compressible) sleeping bag. The waist belt is big and very comfortable to transfer the majority of weight to your hips (rather than your shoulders). The pack does not have any low stabiliser straps, but I don't find this to be an issue. The ladder harness is awesome to add the final adjustment you will need. I am tall, so the load lifter straps tent to come in horizontally rather than at the recommended 45 degrees, but they still bring the top of the pack in closer to my body, so again not a big issue. The padding in the back of the pack is quite comfortable, and also draws sweat away from your body which aids in cooling you down in summer. Usually rugged up in winter it doesn't make you cold either. I always recommend a dual compartment pack, for several reasons. My heavy gear including tent, mess kit etc. go in my bottom compartment along with my main first aid kit and hootchie for quick shelter for emergency or injury. The bottom compartment has a large (I think size 10 zipper), which is great too. My rain gear goes in the top of my main compartment which is secured by two quick release buckles and a pull cord with cord-lock stopper. Again easy to get to if I need it in a hurry. It has two zipper compartments on the top of the pack (one inside and one out), great for other gear that you may need in a hurry. You could use the outside one for headtorch, toilet equipment, electrical tape, cordage, day meals and so on.. I use the inner pocket for dirty gear or dry bagged under garments, and find it useful. It has latch straps on top which could be used for foam roll or tent poles, not something I need really, but they are there... Overall the pack doesn't have any vices, it is light enough (around 1.8kg I think) which given it's tough construction and molle system is pretty low weight considering.. If you start adding Molle gear that also needs to be considered in the pack weight. It is perhaps a little small if you need to be self sufficient, but as I said you can get around this with Molle. What you get for the price is great, although as I said I use it in conjunction with a lot of different Molle gear, and you would need to consider adding that to the cost of the pack, or finding a larger pack. Again I feel the Molle gives superior flexibility over say an 80L pack, (for day hikes I can get rid of the pouches, fit all my camera gear if I'm out for photos that need more than your phone), and also putting the pouches low helps keeps the pack weight closer to my centre of gravity (also lower to the ground so pack isn't top heavy). I have had one strap that has required re-stitching (mainly a miss with the pack construction) which I missed when selecting it. That said i didn't go over thoroughly, and didn't look at 5 of the same packs. It was on top and the first one I picked up. The restitching was not difficult and happened after first hike (years ago now). I would give it 4.5 out of 5 (star rating won't let me do that) - 9 out of 10, mainly to do with the size. They need to make a 70L version! BTW: Tentworld has the best price for this pack.. As a Scout Leader I'm always checking out gear prices and recommending equipment. I recommend this pack all the time.

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