The Hunter & The Gatherer

Cooking and Provisioning for Sailing Adventures!

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The Hunter & The Gatherer invites you to embark on a culinary and seafaring journey like no other!


Cruising is more than just sailing; it's about wandering uncharted shores, immersing yourself in diverse cultures, and embracing the rhythms of the ever-changing watery world that envelops you.

Meet Dave, the intrepid hunter, and Catherine, the resourceful gatherer, along with their little companion, Maya, as they've roamed the farthest corners of our planet for over two decades. Their preferred way of life involves cruising the world aboard their trusty catamaran, Wild One, a lifestyle that fuels their adventurous spirits and connects them with the essence of the open sea.

This book, over two decades in the making, caters to ocean-loving food enthusiasts who aspire to maintain their well-being, foster self-sufficiency, and minimize their environmental footprint while sailing the seas. Inside these pages, you'll discover a treasury of more than 160 simple yet delectable recipes that can be crafted from ingredients foraged from the sea or sourced from local markets, all perfectly suited for the compact galleys of seafarers. Whether you're embarking on lengthy passages, enjoying the serenity of pristine beach sunsets, or finding yourself in the challenging situation of dwindling food supplies, this guide is an invaluable companion.

"The Hunter & The Gatherer" is your roadmap for those who seek to hunt and gather, embracing a life of experience rather than one of accumulation. It's an odyssey that promises not only savoury sustenance but also a profound connection to the world's vast oceans, cultures, and the ever-changing tides of life.


  • Culinary Adventure: Over 160 delicious recipes for ocean-loving foodies.
  • Sustainable Sailing: Minimize your environmental footprint while cruising the seas.
  • Gourmet Galley Cooking: Prepare gourmet meals in the tiniest of boat galleys.
  • Sunset Magic: Experience perfect beach sunsets while savouring your creations.
  • Global Exploration: Join Dave, Catherine, and Maya in exploring remote corners of our planet.
  • Seafaring Lifestyle: Discover the freedom and self-sufficiency of life on the open water.
  • Hunt & Gather Philosophy: Embrace a lifestyle valuing experience over accumulation.
  • Sailing Widsom: Expert advice on provisioning for long sea journeys.
  • Cultural Immersion: Dive into new cultures and navigate uncharted shores.
  • Health and Harmony: Prioritize your well-being and live in harmony with the watery world.


Model: 9780645522631
UPC/ISBN: 9780645522631

Author Catherine Lawson & David Bristow
ISBN 9780645522631
Publisher Exploring Eden Media
Size 177 x 242 x 18mm
Weight 580g


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