The Slow Road Cookbook

Camp Cooking For Family Adventures

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Embark on a flavorful journey with Kirianna Poole's 'The Slow Road Cookbook,' a collection of over 80 heartwarming recipes inspired by her nomadic life in a vintage Kombi, perfect for families seeking connection, simplicity, and delicious meals.


Kirianna Poole's journey with her husband and three kids in their vintage Kombi unfolds a tale of embracing life's simplicity and savoring moments while traveling. Amidst the unhurried pace of an old campervan, she crafts delightful, nourishing recipes perfect for camping. Drawing from her upbringing in a Māori family in New Zealand, global culinary influences, and experiences in the Aussie bush, Kirianna's cookbook, "The Slow Road," unveils over 80 wholesome recipes.

From small van burners to crackling campfires, her creations redefine outdoor dining, steering away from quick fixes to offer hearty meals resonating with taste and tradition. This isn't just about food; it's a celebration of familial connection, a yearning for a more deliberate pace, and a deeper bond with nature. With a baby nestled close and her children exploring their surroundings, Kirianna's recipes embody the essence of a slower, more intentional lifestyle—a culinary journey inviting families to relish the flavors of togetherness and self-discovery on the open road.

Please Note: The carbon footprint of this book is about 2.5kg, but when you buy a copy we’ll have one tree planted on your behalf to make sure our books do more good than harm.



  • Audience: General
  • Format: Paperback - Flexible + Embossed Cover
  • Language: English
  • Number Of Pages: 272
  • Published: 1st November 2023
  • Country of Publication: Australia 


Model: 9780645898811
UPC/ISBN: 9780645898811

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Published 1st November 2023 (01/11/2023)
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