Tred 1100 Recovery Device

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Plan your trip, pack your TREDs, and explore with confidence!


Whether it's sand, snow or mud, the Mean Mother Tred 1100 Recovery Device has been designed to get you out of the most off-road recovery situations. Its revolutionary new design offers exceptional features and performance at an affordable price. These are invaluable as a single vehicle/single operator recovery device through to a full scale recovery aid when winches and recovery straps are at their limits. TREDs are a must-have accessory for any vehicle that operates off-road whether you're a novice adventurer or serious off-road enthusiast.

TREDs can eliminate the harzardous and potentially fatal practices of vehicle recovery involving highly stressed components such as steel cables, shackles, snatch straps and winches - TREDs keep you and your family safe. With TREDs every recovery is done at a slow, steady and safe pace. Plan your trip, pack your TREDs, and explore with confidence!

TREDs are designed to be used as:

  • A preventative measure to mitigate loss of traction (TREDs can be used as a pair, in multiple pairs, or linked together to form a safe path across boggy ground)
  • To aid in the recovery of a vehicle once traction has been lost (single vehicle/single operator recovery)
  • In conjunction with conventional methods such as recovery straps and winches - TREDs greatly reduce the force require to recover the vehicle, especially in extremely deep or boggy recoveries. TREDs are an essential piece of equipment/recovery kit for any vehicle that operates off-road!


  • Superior ramp design: engineered specifically for optimum vehicle recovery in all conditions
  • Ergonomic handles: integrated design provides maximum grip, comfort and control
  • Suprior grip features: designed to maximise traction and reduce strain on your vehicle
  • Unique four channel design: for maximum structural integrity and improved performance capabilities
  • Underbelly traction: the unique underside pattern reduces ground slippage in extreme conditions
  • Aggressive teeth design: lock aggressively onto your tyre to combot the effects of wheelspin
  • Revolutionary shovel feature: clear debris and obstructions for optimum TRED placement prior to recovery
  • Linking and mounting points: Link multiple TREDs during recovery or mount securely to your vehicle
  • Superior material: extremely durable polyolefin material specifically engineered for TRED



Size: 1100mm

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