Walkstool Comfort 45cm Large Compact Folding Stool with Case

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Walkstool Comfort 45 Large Compact Stool Portable Folding Stool with Case


Walkstool is a Swedish invention and the only three legged stool in the world with telescopic legs, patents and trademark protections. It’s very light, compact and extremely comfortable to sit on and with outstanding quality. Easy to carry on your shoulder or in a backpack. Think of all situations when it would be nice to have something good to sit on. Why stand when you can sit! Each Walkstool Comfort is delivered in a practical bag for carriage and storage.

The Walkstool Comfort 45 Large is Swedish-engineered to maximise compactness and load strength. The Walkstool’s clever design makes it stand out from the rest.  Whereas a folding chair or stool is nothing new, the Walkstool’s clever design makes it stand out! The two primary issues Walkstool’s designers focused on were compact size and load strength and the final product reflects their careful engineering and dedication.

This portable chair provides a seat for any occasion. Its primary benefit is the prevention of back strain or fatigue while keeping a person elevated to a comfortable height.

Examples of usefulness: Watching sporting events, camping and other outdoor events, photographers, tradesmen including electricians or anyone working close to the ground plus others who spend many hours on their feet, squatting or on their knees.

The Walkstool Comfort line features a lightweight and ultra-portable stools with two height positions depending on whether the telescoping legs are extended or not. Transportation of these 750g stools is a breeze, as it collapses into a compact form that can be easily carried in a camera bag, backpack, or tool bag to be taken just about anywhere. The Comfort line has a larger seat, different size seat mesh material, and larger rubber feet to prevent the stool legs from getting stuck in the mud.



  • 45cm extended seat height
  • 35cm collapsed length – not much more than a small tripod
  • Lightweight – 725g
  • Swedish engineering to provide a portable seat for any occasion
  • Useful for sporting events, photographers or anyone who spends many hours on their feet, squatting, working close to the ground or on their knees
  • Recommended for people up to 170cm
  • 2 Year Warranty


Model: 3452
UPC/ISBN: 834213002205

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 100 × 100 × 800 
Height (Fully Extended) (mm) 450 /18 in
Height (Legs Collapsed) (mm) 280 / 11 in
Folded Length (mm) 350 / 14 in
Seat Size (mm) 350 / 14in
Weight 725g
Weight Compacity 200kg
Sitting Comfort Very good
Feet Type Big, rubber
Quality Extreme
Colour of Seat Black
Production Country Sweden
Two Sitting Positions Yes – One with legs extended and one with legs retracted. Perfect when resting or working in low positions


2 Years manufacturer warranty

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