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This Westrooper Fast Helmet features velcro for signs/lights and balanced weight, a high hardness plastic for rails or side abrasion resistance.


This Westrooper Fast Helmet features velcro for signs/lights and balanced weight, a high hardness plastic for rails or side abrasion resistance. Based on forehead for NVG equipment, this Fast Helmet has foam material for impact reduction and removable velcro padding. This ABS injection MICH2000 helmet is perfect for all your needs.

*This helmet is NOT bulletproof.

Available in colours Black or Khaki.


  • ABS injection MICH2000 Helmet
  • Velcro for signs/lights and balanced weight
  • High hardness plastic for rails or side
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Base on forehead for NVG equipment
  • Foam material for impact reduction
  • Removable velcro padding



Available in colours Black or Khaki

Reviews of Westrooper Fast Helmet

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Westrooper Fast Helmet

(1) By: on 16 July 2018
Got mine two weeks ago at BROWNS PLAINS Store. Staff were helpful, and set the item aside for me for pick-up as there was only one left. Picking up the item was quick and easy, couldn't fault the service. The helmet feels sturdy, and has a decent amount of weight to it. Paint job was ok, clear of defects. This the only positive thing I can say for it. The velcro on the exterior was not applied straight, and required trimming in four places with a stanley knife, to remove overlap from the mouldings/rails. The padding, in a word is bad. Low quality black styrofoam with a thin padded cover. Padding is attached to the helmet interior with poor quality velcro hook patches. When attempting to remove them to adjust the positioning of the pads, the velcro hook sections tore off the actual pads. It genuinely appears the manufacturer uses glue-backed velcro tape, of a similar quality to what one would buy in a supermarket. The padding is actually very hard against your head, and is uncomfortable for long periods of time. The chin-straps and adjustments, are actually worse than the padding. The right side, with fitted chin-strap, does not reach your chin even when adjusted to the absolute maximum length. The left side, must then be adjusted so it reaches the buckle. To achieve this, you must then have the toggles on the left side suspended alongside your eye/cheek, where they rub and chafe the skin and interrupt your view. The straps physically are the wrong lengths overall, and cannot be adjusted sufficiently long enough to compensate. In real terms it means that my chin is pulled to the right about an inch, and the helmet is on a decided lean atop my head. It is also painful and uncomfortable. Overall, I would not recommend this helmet to anyone, not even for cosplay purposes. Unfortunately, I applied a custom camo paint job to mine prior to attempting to fit it correctly, which means I cannot return it. I regret purchasing this item, and would instead recommend buying from a tactical shop, or airsoft shop and shipping to Australia.

Tentworld Tentworld ResponseHi Grant, thank you for your very long detailed review it's most appreciated. We've sent back all these feedback to the manufacturer, so that they can digest it and make improvements for future productions. That being said, they did come back to me saying that they've been selling this exact helmet Australia wide in many army stores, tactical stores and other places. It has remained unchanged for 7 years now & this is the first feedback of any kind that they've received. They have sold plenty, as they sold for many reasons including training, costumes, cosplay etc. If you were able to take pictures of the problems you're experiencing, we can try help you with resolving these problems you're experiencing. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

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