Zempire Pronto 10 Air Tent V2

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The Pronto 10 is designed to be the perfect option for families on the move who want the luxury of a large tent with exceptional ventilation for warmer climates.


The Pronto 10 is designed to be the perfect option for families on the move who want the luxury of a large tent, a smaller pack size, and exceptional ventilation for warmer climates. An inflatable airframe allows this huge open plan tent can be pitched with ease in under 10 minutes. A zip-out curtain is included with twin front entry doors, allowing you to divide the internal space into two.

The Pronto 10 is designed to be the perfect option for families on the move who want the luxury of a large tent with exceptional ventilation for warmer climates.

The Pronto 10 V2 has a large open-plan design with zip-out dividing wall so the space can be separated into "bedroom" and "living" areas, or into two separate bedrooms, each with its own dedicated entry door for privacy and convenience. Storage ladder pockets in both the inner and awning areas keep small essentials tidy and protected. Great storage areas (accessible from inside the tent) keeps your awning and tent floor clutter-free.

The Pronto 10 V2's exceptional airflow design is suited to warmer climates when ventilation is paramount to comfort. The inner roof is made with large mesh panels, allowing warm air to escape and breeze to flow through. If weather permits you can even unclip and remove the fly completely for maximum ventilation. The large side window panels can be unzipped and secured internally to expose huge mesh windows, promoting a cross breeze throughout the tent. Both the front and rear vestibule areas have options for rolling and securing the fly to further increase front to rear ventilation.



Cabin Design 

Angled frame components offer spacious interiors and excellent headroom across the entire tent. 

Double Seal Boston Valve
The outer threaded cap exposes a one-way valve for inflation, along with a secondary master thread that opens fully for deflation

Inflatable Air Frame
More durable and stable than traditional pole systems. Inflatable frames are fast to set up and even faster to pack away. 

SeroLink Frame System 
A new attachment system that connects the frame directly to the fly. Offering increased strength and flexibility while reducing weight and bulk

Single Point Inflation
Allows the entire tent, including the awning, to be inflated from one point speeding up the process and increasing stability. 

Single Pole Design
All pole sections are connected by shock cord keeping everything simple and together, meaning you are less likely to leave a pole behind!

Durable PE Floor
Provides a hard-wearing floor surface for protection when pitching on rough ground. Add a Zempire groundsheet for additional protection. 

Fire Retardant Treatment
Treatments that help prevent or slow the spread of flame across the fabric. Do not use open flames or stoves inside or near the tent. 

PU Tape Seam Seal
All Seams in the rain fly are taped to eliminate leak points from the stitching holes, ensuring your tent is ready for any weather. 

Torrential Rain Tested
Our tents are used all across the world, including the wet and windy environments of New Zealand and the UK. So we design and test them to survive heavy rainfall. 

UV Treatment
UV light can be highly destructive to the tent and shelter fabrics, so all fabrics include a UV treatment to help extend their life. Add a Zempire roof cover for additional protection. 

Clip on Attachment

Simpler and more durable than pole sleeves, these sturdy plastic clips attach the inner tent securely to the frame.

Pre Attached Fly Sheet
The flysheet comes pre-attached so the tent can be set-up in one piece, but can be removed for maximum ventilation or views of the stars on clear summer nights. 

Tension Webbing
Adjustable straps at each peg point allow you to easily tighten and fine-tune the tension of your rain fly.

Full Head Height
A full head height interior allows you to walk around comfortably inside your tent.

Internally Accessed Rear Storage
Rear vestibule storage area accessible from inside the tent, offering improved organization and reduced clutter. 

Twin Vestibules
Front and rear vestibules allow for additional storage or one wet/dry access and one storage area.

Zip-out Central Wall
Allows the tent to convert into an open-plan space, or "party tent" when the time calls. 

Internally Adjusted Windows
Internal window covers mean that you can close your windows without needing to go outside in the rain, or open windows for extra light without leaving your sleeping bag. Full Zip-around panels ensure you are completely protected from the outside elements.

Bug Proof Mesh
Bug proof mesh windows keep out biting insects while promoting excellent airflow and ventilation.

Waterproof Window Covers
Internal waterproof window panels reliably seal out wind and wet weather.

Airflow Roof with Storm Gussets
The ultimate ventilation system, providing maximum airflow in warmer climates. Side storm gussets prevent wind-driven rain on wet days yet still allows the warm air to escape preventing condensation and uncomfortable humidity. 

Front to Rear and Side to Side Airflow
Ventilation points at the front and rear of the tent and both sides of the tent allow for a cross breeze when open.

Rear Fly Cinch Mode
A toggle and guy rope placed halfway up the rear rain fly allow you to roll up the fly and secure it to promote additional ventilation and airflow, while still offering protection for items stores in the rear vestibule. 

Upper Expel Vents
Upper vents allow warm humid air to escape, minimising condensation build-up. 

Tub Floor
The waterproof floor extends up the sides of tents to keep pooling water or driving rain out of the tent.

Twin Layer D Doors (2)
Large zippered doors that can be easily rolled away and secured with a toggle and loop. 

Awning Poles Included
Extra Poles included create a large-sized shady area for sitting. 


Adjustable peg loops
Corner peg points are adjustable to fine-tune tension across the groundsheet, while steel rings minimise abrasion across the webbing.

Webbing Peg Points
Strong and durable webbing creates a secure anchor point for the life of the tent.

3.5mm Polyester Guy Rope Cord
Strong and lightweight 3.5mm cord provides sturdy anchoring for your tent with minimal bulk and stretch.

Aluminium Tri Sliders
A simple and attractive solution for adjusting guy ropes that are built to last. 

Low Stretch Guy Ropes
A durable polyester core provides minimal stretch for a taught pitch and sturdy anchoring in windy weather. 

Reflective High Vis Guy Ropes
Reflective strips woven into the anchor webbing and guy ropes to ensure safety when approaching your tent in the dark. High Visible colour makes the guy ropes easier to see, preventing trips and snags.

Pump Carry Bag Included
Protects your pump during transport and storage

Double Action Pump
Inflates on both the up and down strokes for quicker and more efficient inflation. 

Pressure Gauge
A pressure gauge ensures you pump to the correct pressure every time.

Pressure Valve Release
A pressure release valve ensures pumping to the correct pressure every time, releasing pressure when you reach maximum pressure. 

Anti Grit Reversed Zips
The flat side of the zip is turned outward to prevent salt, sand and other contaminants from accumulating in the zipper teeth.

No Jingle Cord Pullers
Cord zip pullers minimise noise compared to metal pullers that jungle in the wind. 

Storage Ladders
Two large storage ladders are placed under the awning area and inside the tent, perfect for keeping your essentials handy and help keep the tent tidy. 

Extra Large Carry Bag
Oversized carry bag with compression straps, making it easier to fit back into the bag for transport and storage. Made of hard-wearing out surface built to handle back of the car 'Tetris' packing.


Download the Zempire Pronto 10 Air Tent V2 PDF Manual

Model: 0197201-004
UPC/ISBN: 9420059007637

Sleeps (Comfort) 8
Sleeps (Maximum) 10
Sleeping Areas (#) 1-2
Peak Height (Inner) 2.18m
Peak Height (fly) 2.35m
Frame Material Inflatable air system tubes
Fly Fabric 150D, 135T polyoxford
Waterhead Rating (Fly) 3,000mm
UV Rating SPF 50
Floor Material 14x14, 180gsm PE
Inner Fabric 75D, 190T polyester
External Windows 2
Ventilation Points 8
Tent entry/exit points 2
Awning Entry/Exit Points 2
Internal Floor Area 14.5m²
Bedroom Area 14.5m²
Awning Area 5.5m²
Product Weight 22.92kg
Packed Dimensions (H-W-D) 72 x 42 x 42cm
Carry Bag Material 210D poly oxford
Pegs- Dome Pegs (6mm X 180mm) 25

Tent Body and attached rainfly

Pro Series Pump (Pump hose, valve adaptor, pressure release valve, pressure gauge, carry bag)

Peg Bag (25 x 6mm dome pegs, 3.5mm guy ropes)

Awning Pole Bag ( 3x poles in 10 sections)

Emergency Repair Kit (adhesive tube patches, zip ties)

2x webbing compression straps

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (Purchase separately) Ground Sheet Protector



2 YEAR PRONTO SERIES GUARANTEE. Zempire takes pride in the quality and design of every ZEMPIRE tent, thats why the PRONTO SERIES tents come with a strong guarantee designed to protect you as our valued customer. ZEMPIRE will repair or replace this tent, should it fail due to faulty materials or manufacture for a period of 2 years from the date you purchase.

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